How the US has Changed Since the Recession in Numbers

By the US Daily Review Staff

Even weddings have been impacted by the recession

USA Today recently provided numbers that show how the United States has changed since 2006.  This is an overview of some of those numbers. 

  • Housing Vacancy Rate: In 2006 11.6 percent of homes were vacant.  In 2010 there has been more than a 20 percent increase to 13.1 percent.  This increase is contributing to soft housing sells and a continued shift from buying to renting.  It is a part of the housing bubble that burst in 2008.
  • Households with one or no vehicle: In 2006 the number was 42 percent and has since risen to 42.9 percent in 2010. Being from Texas, every family seems to have multiple vehicles. However, even those families have downsized or have streamlined their car usage in an effort to cut costs.
  • Median age at first marriage: In 2006 that age was 27.5 years old for men and 25.9 for women.  In 2010 it went up to 28.7 for men and 26.7 for women.  Young couples are trying to make sure they have stronger legs financially as they make one of the most important decisions in their lives.
  • Births to women: According to USA Today, in 2010 for ages 20 to 34, there were 200,000 fewer births than 2008 even though women in that age group rose 3.4 percent.  This could have huge long term implications on the Social Security system, education, and other areas dependent on a growing young population.

One does not need to be an economist to see how these numbers have a bearing on Real Estate, the wedding industry, the automobile industry, and many other areas.  The ripple affect of our anemic economy is really profound.

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