How to Buy Aerial Work Platforms  

Boom lifts come in handy when you need to work on a construction project or utility line. They are also used in the retrieval of stuff in factories. The magic behind them is that they allow workers to access places that are hard to reach from above, no matter how tall you are. This is because they are designed to elevate themselves while the technician is on board and take him to the point where there is a technical issue. With a boom lift, there is no need for climbing on hazardous poles. The other advantage is that it speeds up the rate at which the work is done. On the other hand, buying an aerial work platform can be an uphill task, especially if you have never done it before. This is due to the fact that the lifts come with different features. Here is a list of the things you should look into when shopping for a boom lift.


  1. Maximum Height

Every boom lift has a maximum height that it can extend to and a maximum weight that it can hold. The worst mistake that you can make is to invest in a lift that can’t carry personnel to the height at hand. To avoid such a disappointment, you should measure the height that the personnel will need to reach while performing routine maintenance services. And since sometimes it’s not possible to get exact height, you should consider approximating. At the end of the day, it’s better to get a boom lift that goes higher than the workstation than wasting money on a lift that covers only a short height. 

  1. Weight Capacity 

This one is absolutely a no brainer. Buying a lift without factoring into the weight that it can carry is a huge mistake. This is particularly important in situations where the work can’t be done by one person. Forcing a boom lift to carry a weight that’s beyond its recommended capacity will only cause it to wear out much faster. Besides that, overloading can cause the lift to detach and crash without a warning. Such accidents usually result in severe injuries and sometimes death. Keep in mind that buying a brand new lift can give you a run for your money. Knowing the weight capacity helps in determining the number of persons that the lift can carry at a go. For best results, you should narrow down to a boom lift with the highest weight capacity to avoid the problems that are caused by overloading.


  1. Horizontal Reach


Horizontal reach refers to the radius that the boom lift can cover. However, this factor is usually overshadowed by the ability of the lift to turn around 360 degrees. But it’s really important. In fact, it’s exactly what determines how far the truck or van that holds the lift will be positioned. If the horizontal reach is too low, the lift will have to be moved closer to the area where work will be done. Since there are instances when it’s risky to get closer to the workstation, it’s important you give priority to the lift with the highest range of horizontal reach.  

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