How to Clean Your Pistol Safely

A pistol is the safest mode of defense in our current world. It is only issued to sober citizens who can handle it with care and maturity. There are various ways through which one can clean and maintain a standard pistol. In the below demonstration, we will focus on the sig Sauer p227.45 ACP. It has been known to have the same functionalities as the Glock, H&K, and Wesson semi-auto pistols. There are specific steps to follow to help keep your pistol in good condition

Step 1: Gathering Your Cleaning Materials

For one to properly clean the pistol, there is a need to get some adequate supplies. On this, you can opt to look for a gun bore cleaner, a premium cleaning kit, and lubricant. The best oil here would be the Mil-comm TW24B and has been used for many years without a single complaint. It ensures the durability of the pistol and also efficiency. Any other cleaner that has been designated for pistol or a gun cleaning may also work through. To obtain these types of materials, you may be required to look for such cleaners from reliable dealers. You can get referrals from your friends or even search for them online.

Step 2: Disassembling the Pistol for Cleaning

  1. You cannot clean the pistol while it’s loaded. Make sure the gun is very clean before you begin to disassemble. It is essential to check on the breech to ensure that there is not even a single round left in that chamber. Accidents happen, and thus protection is always better than cure.
  2. Then go to the magazine well and remove the magazine itself. Be cautious in every step of your way.
  3. Rotate the slide lock lever until it looks vertically. This rotation unlocks it from the frame and thus resetting it.
  4. After that, you can now push the slide forward to the barrel so that it may slide off to the front.
  5. Locate where your spring meets your barrel. The spring is always under tension and thus the need to be careful when removing it.
  6. Remove the spring by pushing it forward towards the barrel.
  7. After the spring is removed, you will notice that the barrel will be free to slide outwards.

Step 3: Brushing the Barrel Thoroughly

Now you have started the cleaning exercise after disassembling your pistol.

  1. Clean the barrel using the 45 caliber brush and a push rod.
  2. Attach your brush to the end of your push rod.
  3. Continue brushing the barrel for around 30 seconds. This brushing will loosen all the carbon buildup from the unburned powder and the build-up from the first copper jackets of the mentioned bullets.

Step 4: Cleaning the Barrel

You can use the 45 caliber dowel and the pushrod from the pistol cleaning kit. Then attach your dowel to the pushrod. Make sure it is tied at the end. From the cleaning kit, take your cleaning solvent and place the part of the solvent wet at the barrel’s breach. Use the pushrod to force it through a barrel until it comes out at the outer end. Keep on repeating these steps in the order of 2 wet patches, three dry patchings, and repeating them several times until these patches come out clean.

Step 5: Brushing the Slide

Most semi-automatic pistols have a carbon build up all along the slide. You need to get your cleaning brush and focus on the inside of the slide.

Step 6: Lubricating Your Pistol

After good work, make sure to lubricate the pistol. You will need to lubricate inside the slide all along the rail, top side of the gun’s hammer, and the bottom side as well.

Step 7: Reassembling Your Pistol

This step is straightforward. You will need to repeat step 2 in the reverse order. After you are done, make sure to keep your pistol safe for another day.

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