How to Ensure Your Over 50s Direct Marketing Doesn’t Fall Flat


You might think that it’s strange that direct marketing is even relevant anymore at this stage of the 21st century. The truth is, however, that direct marketing is actually more relevant now than it has been for a decade.  It actually seems as though the industry is burgeoning, so if you were thinking of discarding direct marketing as an option for your campaign, don’t.  In fact, it can be the most effective method of marketing, particularly with a more senior audience. For some great tips for how to effectively market to this wealthy audience, read  on.

Standing Out from the  Crowd

Nobody likes junk mail; particularly those who have been exposed to it for the longest.  Therefore, if you really want to effectively market to the wealthy over 50 audience, you need a way to make your product stand out. The best way to do this is to offer a more luxurious product than your competitors. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling luxury yachts or penny sweets; if your direct marketing material looks like it was produced in half an hour, and printed onto cheap-lookingpaper, you’re not going to attract anybody’s attention. Therefore, an attractive colour scheme and a weighty card stock like that offered by All Colour Envelopes could help you to advertise to that affluent, older  demographic.

Quirky Style  Works

You might think that quirkiness in marketing should be reserved for the young.  After all, the young are more likely to respond to weird, strange new ideas and concepts. Contrary to popular belief, however, older audiences are not adverse to quirk.  An intriguing slogan or motto grabs older audiences just as often as it grabs a young  one.

Tracking and  Feedback

Regardless of your target audience, (and whether you’re involved in direct marketing or digital marketing), tracking and feedback are essential to the success of a marketing campaign. Although there are no direct tracking mechanisms in direct marketing as there are in digital, there are a number of ways to judge the success of your direct marketing campaign through secondary mechanisms.  A good way to do this is to place a small coupon for your site on the back of your marketing material, and to then measure – at the end of the campaign – how many of the recipients of the marketing material have used the code to purchase  something.

Ultimately, it’s clear that direct marketing isn’t dying.  In fact, by following the above advice, you’ll be able to target the affluent over 50 audience easily and  effectively.

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