How to Find the Right Talent for Your Business

When it comes to finding and hiring the right talent for your business, the modern information-driven era has made it easier than ever before. However, finding qualified and talented job candidates for your company can still be quite challenging due to the saturation of unqualified candidates in the job market. While your recruitment team can do their best, this does not always mean that you’ll be able to find the right candidates quickly. In fact, over 70% of candidates are passive job seekers, making it harder for you to find talent that you deem worthy of recruiting. So, what are some of the best ways to improve your chance of finding the right talent for your company?

Establish Your Mission and Values:

While a certain candidate might list all the right skills and experience on their resume, it’s important to know that they are a good fit for your company environment and culture. Clearly communicating your team’s mission, vision, and values to potential job candidates are hugely important as it will help you to attract the people who align with these the most. In addition, it allows you to identify and demonstrate specific examples of these behaviors and how they are exhibited in your company. 

Scout Online Communities:

If you’re searching for specialized talent, niche-specific job boards and online communities are some of the best options out there for finding the right talent. This allows you to find prospects in places that are likely to produce the most experienced and talented candidates looking for employment at a business like yours. For example, if you want to fill a job position in your IT department, it’s usually better to post on specific IT job boards that are frequented by tech-savvy individuals with the right qualifications, talent, experience, and interests. 

Work With a PEO:

A PEO or professional employer organization will have more resources to help you find the right talent for your business and can be especially useful if you are looking to expand overseas and hire new employees in different locations around the world. For employers who need to hire international employees remotely, a PEO can come in very useful for placing job advertisements, conducting interviews, and hiring the best talent from the specific location. New Horizons Global Partners offers a recruitment agency in Thailand that you can put to use if you want to expand your business there. When opening a business location in Thailand, New Horizons Global Partners can not only act as an employer of record to help you find and recruit the best local talent but also ensure that your employment practices are in line with local regulations and expectations. 

Offer Enticing Benefits:

When it comes to attracting and recruiting the top talent for your business, it’s important to ensure that you are offering these professionals something that your competitors cannot. Bear in mind that experienced, talented professionals are always in demand in any industry and they will often have their pick of different employers to choose from. Offering a range of desirable benefits that are not commonly found in your industry will give your company an edge when it comes to attracting the top talent to apply for positions with you. This is another area where working with a PEO can help as an employer of record; they will be able to group you together with other companies so you can you provide benefits to employees that are typically reserved for much larger brands. 

Assessment Testing:

Sometimes, somebody might look like the ideal candidate for your company on paper but when it actually comes to doing the job they are not as talented as you initially thought. Conducting preliminary assessment tests makes it easier for you to suitably determine candidates that are an ideal fit for the position along with allowing you to figure out who is not best suited for the specific position. Offering prospects a short, paid assignment that you can use to assess their skills, talents and capabilities will help you avoid committing to candidates that might not be the best fit for your business. 


Finally, while it’s possible to make sure that you find suitably talented prospects for your business, it’s important to remember that they may never be where you need them to be without the right training. And, the majority of talented professionals are interested in professional development and ambitious when it comes to improving their industry-related skills. Offering training not only when onboarding new talent but also as an ongoing process to encourage your employees to develop their professional skills will help you attract ambitious professionals who are willing to dedicate themselves to the work. 

Thanks to the information era, finding job candidates has never been easier- but are they the right talent for your business? Keep these tips in mind to help you find the professionals that your company needs. 

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