How to Optimize a Small Work Space

Are you struggling to work efficiently because your work space feels a little cramped? Are you thinking to yourself that you might as well go back to the office cubicle because this work-from-home isn’t helping your productivity?

What if we told you that you don’t need to take drastic steps to make sure your work space works for you? Here are some tips on maximizing space and minimizing frustrations.

Invest in a Modular Desk

Standing desks are good for your posture. We have observed that changing your posture could also help you refocus, but if you are planning on getting a new desk setup, we recommend looking for one that has multiple adjustable features. A good modular desk will have a bunch of components you can pull out and assemble to suit your needs. An L-shaped desk works great to put wasted corners to use. Use one side of the desk as your main work area and other to keep things like books and stationary that you can reach at any time. Many modular desks also come with a small but thoughtful feature — a little hook for your headphones. Some desks also offer add-on drawers, which is another small but powerful design detail that can help you customize your work space based on the need of the moment.

Look for Smart Device Connection Solutions

We have all been there. We want to set up a desk, or a gadget in a certain corner of a room, but we don’t have a power outlet available there! This can be particularly frustrating because it is a small problem and you should be able to solve it. You can actually do that by using a PoE injector or a PoE switch. If you are wondering what that is, you aren’t alone. Simply put, PoE or Power over Ethernet technology allows electric cables to carry electrical power. You can use PoE to establish network connections and transmit electric power to your devices. There are many advantages to using PoE, but the biggest is the flexibility it offers you. You can use a PoE injector to enable your non-PoE, low-power devices to use the PoE technology. Connect devices such as wireless access points, LED lighting, etc. using a PoE injector. Forget being tethered to a corner simply because you have a power outlet there. Lay out your work space the way you want to by selecting technological solutions designed to adapt to your needs.

Use Wall Space

It’s easy to think of walls as a space to decorate, but how about you use it to not only add personality but also to add storage. Consider stylish folder hangers, or crates that double up as shelves to bring form and function to your space. You have heard how a clear desk space can help boost productivity, so move all the extra stuff away from your desk and find a place for them on the wall. Not only will you be creating space, but will also be adding a streak of style to your space. Think colorful pens or your minimalist (or flamboyant) hourglass.

Leave the frustrations of inefficiency behind and instead use these tips to craft a beautifully designed, technologically smart work space that you can enjoy.

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