How to Turn Trees on Your Property into Useful Lumber

If you live in a heavily wooded area, you might be able to transform some of those existing trees into valuable raw lumber. First, you can get a large quantity of lumber from only two or three trees. It is not necessary for you to deforest entire acres of land to get access to wood. Second, accurately gaging the height, circumference, and age of the trees you intend on turning into lumber will also help with waste reduction. The last thing you want to do is cut down too many trees and have an excess of lumber that you have no use for. Learn how to turn the trees on your property into useful lumber and you will have enough wood to create, build, or repair anything you want.

Identifying What Types of Trees Exist on Your Property 

Birchwood, oak, cherrywood, and even pine trees are regularly used to frame out houses and buildings, as well as create beautiful, functional furniture. It can take a tree hundreds of years to grow to a size appropriate for harvesting. However, since you will be taking trees directly off of your property, you have can handpick which trees will best serve your purposes. In addition, since maintaining the ecosystem and integrity of your land, you should be very selective about which trees will be cut down. Survey your land to find out which varieties of trees are present, then prepare to mark them in preparation for the next step.

Selecting the Area of Your Property You Want to Clear

The first rule of cutting down trees to create lumber is ensuring that the worksite is totally secure. Remember, when trees are cut down, they come down hard. If you are experienced, you will be able to cut down your trees and control how and where they fall. Having a fallen tree crush into live standing trees can create damage, destruction, and potentially physical injury. Choose a site that is far away from your home, but close enough so that you can transport your lumber without too much trouble. 

Preparing to Turn Trees into Raw Lumber

The last part of the equation will be actually cutting down the trees, and then cutting your lumber to your preferred specs. An axe or chainsaw can be used to cut down the trees, and then cut to whatever size you need, on site. Visit Woodcutter HQ Blog: What is best chainsaw mills? There, you can find detailed reviews on the newest chainsaw mills and other woodcutting tools you need to make lumber. Consider what sizes and shapes you need to cut before purchasing any tools for woodcutting purposes.

With a direct source for lumber right on your property, you will be able to take on nearly any home improvement project in existence. Cut down some extra trees to create a small surplus of lumber to be stored securely on your land for future unknown projects. Become a master carpenter or a jack of all trades, as when you have quality lumber on hand, the possibilities are endless.  

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