How You Can Still Give Back While Social Distancing?

The Coronavirus pandemic has turned the world upside down. Over the past couple of months, phrases like social distancing and practices like staying home the vast majority of the time, wearing medical grade face masks and remaining at least six feet from others has become the new norm.

Such actions are challenging for almost everyone. That said, these necessary changes can precipitate far greater strain on kind-hearted, gregarious persons who enjoy performing good deeds for their fellow man. Fortunately, however, social distancing does not have to be a barrier for giving back during this difficult time. Charitable efforts can still be performed in the following ways:

Shop At Local Businesses

The mandatory closures or restrictions placed on various retail establishments has significantly decreased the profits said entities have turned. Community members are encouraged to patronize local businesses. Investing in local establishments might keep said institutions in business and inspire a sense of community pride.

Keep In Touch With People

Being prohibited from gathering in groups or even from visiting others in person does not mean said relations must remain out of sight. Thanks to various video conferencing computer and mobile device applications, a virtual face-to-face with a friend, co-worker or family member is a click away. Keeping in touch with close associations enables people to not only see the ones they love but get caught up on the latest happenings in each other’s lives. Moreover, the sight of a familiar face often brings about a sense of comfort and normalcy.

Charitable Giving

Being at home should not prevent benevolent individuals from engaging in charitable giving. This practice could include donating funds to various causes and organizations or buying items from companies that match said purchases by donating funds received to benevolent endeavors.

Foster An Animal

During this harsh climate, people should take a moment to remember their four-legged friends. Family pets like cats and dogs have become an overlooked casualty of the pandemic. Owners who lose their jobs may no longer have the funds to care for a pet. Unfortunately, in such instances, the animals in question are often brought to a shelter and left with an uncertain future. Those fortunate enough to possess the space and finances necessary to foster an animal might choose to care for a furry friend for a period of time and show the creature in question it was not forgotten about or abandoned.

Perform Tasks For Various Organizations

One does not have to appear inside the offices or headquarters of a charitable organization to volunteer on said agency’s behalf. Those interested in helping benevolent agencies can contact such establishments and ask representatives if they need any type of work performed that can be done from home. At home tasks might include making phone calls, stuffing envelopes or authoring


Donate Blood

Few actions could be considered more charitable than donating blood. Medical institutions and blood banks are always in need of this precious life blood. With the onset of the pandemic, said substance is in far greater demand than under normal circumstances.

Perform Good Deeds For Those In Need

One simple way of giving back is to perform good deeds for vulnerable community members. Individuals might opt to periodically phone elderly neighbors or those with physical disabilities just to make sure they are safe and healthy. Moreover, said subjects might experience difficulty performing important tasks like going to the grocery store. Benevolent souls who possess the time and capability might wish to perform said task for their neighbors in need.

Follow Mandated Guidelines

Elected officials and healthcare professionals often suggest that the most charitable action anyone can take is to adhere to mandated guidelines our leaders set forth and implore their constituents to follow. When individuals are told to remain home and practice social distancing, said instructions should not be ignored. By following such mandates, persons are doing their part to keep themselves and others safe and healthy.

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