Ideas and Legacy

By Kevin Price, Publisher and Editor in Chief.

People tend to wonder, especially the older they get, what type of legacy they are going to leave behind.  Who is going to remember them and what will they be remembered for.  Even more fundamentally, will they be remembered at all?

Last week I spoke at the Texas state convention of the Young Republican Federation.  Like the many other speeches I have given, the focus was on how important 2012 will be for the future of our republic, why the course this nation is taking is particularly dangerous, what are some of the things that have to be done in order to get the country moving in the right direction, and more.  I received a warm reception and enjoyed a fine meal.  As the evening continued they handed out awards for various chapters and the great work they have done, heard a fond farewell from the outgoing statement chairman, and they introduced the new one.  That is when things became very interesting to me.

The new chairman is Mark Brown, a Dallas area entrepreneur with a commercial Real Estate firm, and he stood up to give a few remarks.  The name sounded familiar and so did the face.  “I know this guy,” I thought.  Mark had been a student of mine almost twenty years ago when I use to teach classes on free market economics at a private school. I received a small stipend for doing it, but was far more motivated by the opportunity to make a difference.  He told the group that he wanted to mention how delighted he was “that Kevin Price was our speaker tonight and that he has devoted his life to education.  Furthermore, his excellent radio show is about educating people what economic freedom is all about.”  People hear about “infotainment” – the combination of information and entertainment.  I gravitate towards trying to be an educator, while it being enjoyable to listen to.  He went on to say that he is the person he is today and finds himself in his leadership role with YRs because of the impact of my class.  I was, of course, greatly touched.  I think back and there were many students I had the opportunity to teach and wonder what they did with that information.

At some point in every person’s career, what they leave is more important than what they gain.  There is nothing wrong with accumulating wealth; in fact, such is a driver of a market economy.  The pursuit of self gain leads to better tools, job creation, and prosperity for all.  However, it is good to take advantage of opportunities that will change the lives of others and sets the stage for even more to be reached. Knowing that one fosters the development of a commitment to freedom in the next generation gives us hope about the generations to come.  In the past I have wondered if my time in the class made a difference, now I am wondering what opportunities I can pursue to do even more.

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