In Presidential Race, Who Has Twitter Momentum?

By Qorvis Communications, Special for US Daily Review. 

Qorvis Communications released its latest Twitter Valuation Analysis for the 2012 presidential campaign today, with a snapshot of the social media footprint of the Republican field before tonight’s closely watched Michigan and Arizona primaries. The Twitter Valuation Analysis reflects a considerable shift in momentum in favor of former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum at the expense of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Senator Rick Santorum increased his number of followers by 36.13 percent in the three weeks after the Florida primary. In the last six days, following the candidates’ CNN debate, Santorum’s Twitter account grew an additional 7.77 percent. In contrast, Romney’s momentum has slowed considerably, gaining 14.07 percent after his decisive win in Florida, but only 2.37 percent in the last six days. Ron Paul has outperformed Romney on Twitter down the stretch, growing by 3.28 percent in the last six days.

Followers on 1/31 Followers on 2/22 Percentage Growth Followers on 2/28 Percentage Growth
@RickSantorum 99,770 135,820 36.13% 146,368 7.77%
@MittRomney 300,763 343,103 14.07% 351,250 2.37%
@RonPaul 219,017 242,442 10.69% 250,401 3.28%
@NewtGingrich 1,429,145 1,439,653 0.73% 1,442,635 0.21%
@BarackObama 12,220,230 12,630,766 3.36% 12,740,542 0.87%

“Twitter measures momentum, and Santorum still has it,” said Wyeth Ruthven, a senior director at Qorvis Communications and author of the Twitter Valuation Analysis. “Gains in followers are indicative of national polling trends, so Santorum will remain viable in Super Tuesday contests regardless of tonight’s outcome.”

Twitter Account Followers February 2011 Tweets Value
@BarackObama 12,740,542 260 $1,845,977
@NewtGingrich 1,442,635 108 $192,248
@MittRomney 351,250 42 $45,035
@RonPaul 250,401 54 $32,335
@RickSantorum 146,368 108 $19,505

Qorvis compared the number of followers and frequency of tweets for President Barack Obama and the four leading Republican presidential candidates. The number of followers and frequency of tweets were used to calculate an estimated number of impressions generated by each campaign Twitter account in the month of February. Qorvis compared the metrics of these Twitter accounts with the cost of a direct mail or online advertising campaign of a similar size and reach to calculate the monetary value of a campaign Twitter account.

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