In this day and age mobile phones have become a must

In this day and age, cell phones are simply a part of life more than anything else. They have a litany of benefits to offer their users from ease of internet access to a reliable communication method. That can make it seem like every provider is the same.

The fact of the matter is that there are seemingly a thousand different carriers out there all proclaiming to be the best in the business. But there are two that have managed to stand out as an alternative to the big boys in the cell phone industry: Mint Mobile and Cricket Wireless.

This will become your guide to answer the Mint Mobile vs Cricket question while also answering whether or not Mint Mobile is good.

Carrier Quality

When it comes to the strength of their networks, there really is a minimal difference between Mint and Cricket. This is because Mint is built off of the T-Mobile LTE network while Cricket operates on the AT&T LTE network. That means reliability when calling or texting as well as surfing the web from your smartphone.

This is what allows these carriers to be more affordable than the big boys. With the Sprint, AT&T, and Verizons of the world, they build their own infrastructure and network. And guess who those costs get passed down to?

Since they are piggybacking off of existing networks, Mint and Cricket can offer lower prices on their plans, passing the savings down to the consumer.

Benefits of each

Both Mint and Cricket offer unlimited talk and text options so that you never have to worry about going over on either. The days of keeping track of your texts and minutes are long gone thanks to reliable, affordable services like these.

They also offer unlimited data, though there is a slowed data rate after the maximum allowance has been crossed. That means that after, say, 40GB of data usage, you won’t be charged anything extra, but your speeds may slow. For unlimited data, that is a fair trade off and something the big carriers also implement.

Not only that, they offer free calls to Mexico and Canada, making international calls a bit easier than they have been before at least for North America. This can make quick trips over the border far less of a hassle than it may have been in the early days of cell phone usage.

Both Mint and Cricket are fairly comparable when it comes to the plans and services that they offer, making them more affordable for users everywhere.

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