Independents Hit Record 42%

By Christina Tobin


Spread the Word: Independents to win big in 2014.

It’s finally starting to happen.  The American people have been unhappy with their Representatives in Washington for too many years. In 2014 the revolution, which has been slowly building for decades, is poised to begin.  Everything is in place.

A recent Gallup poll shows that 42% of Americans identify themselves as Independent.  Only 25% of Americans identify as Republican, only 31% as Democrat. Independents are now close to outnumbering Republican and Democrats combined.

Independents just have to gain 4% more from each party to reach 50%, making it theoretically impossible for an Independent to lose in states where races have tended to be close.

For too many years, voters have resignedly casts their ballots for the “lesser of two evils.” They don’t want to, but they have been afraid not to because of the numbers.  When races between Democrats and Republicans are close, voters are afraid to “throw their vote away” on an Independent candidate, who, because everyone else is thinking this way, is destined to get less than the other two.

But that could all change in 2014.

As Independent voters near 45%, they can vote their hearts and minds without a worrying about how that other half vote, one way or the other.

Once voters see that the numbers are tipping in favor of Independent candidates, expect them to leave their “lesser evil” parties in droves. It is not unusual for a party to lose 4% in a single year. The Republican have lost 4% since 2012, and as the remaining members see their numbers dropping well below 33%, the more moderate ones may do the practical thing and jump ship. The Democrats have been flat-lining since 2010. As soon as the Democrats do not feel threatened by the “greater evil,” they will start leaving their ineffective party as well.

Independents tend to represent the more moderate views of Americans generally, whether Democrat or Republican—or Libertarian, Green, or Progressive. Although they are diverse group, they tend to be open to discussion and more tolerant of opposing views and probably more willing to respect each other’s differences enough to stick together to overcome the political duopoly. Independents are, as the name implies, people who think for themselves. They do not want to always go along with the party base. They want candidates that answer to the people, not the party.

If the numbers are looking good for Independents, there are still structural obstacles in place, such as ballot access laws, lack of access to debates and funding challenges.  That’s what Free & Equal is for. We fight for ballot access. We host debates. We are encouraging Independents to run in key Congressional races. We are setting up social media tools to help the American people overcome these obstacles and vote the people they really want into office.

Spread the word, people. Start today. Voters like to pick winners.  Let your friends know who will be winning the elections in 2014.

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