Is Cyber Security Threatening Medical Devices?

By IQPC, Special for  USDR

The world of healthcare has greatly benefitted from enhanced connectivity as a by-product of the digital age. However, this benefit has contributed to exposing medical devices and their softwares to cyber attacks. Malicious digital interferences can be significantly detrimental to patient  safety.

Cyber security initiatives require attention from various areas for example – systemic and technical perspectives. Security researchers have been uncovering hazardous flaws recently with medical devices to help with awareness on the various intervention methods which may be used. Recent guidance published by the FDA has reinforced the responsibilities expected of medical device software manufacturers in regards to the cyber security of their  products.

Pharma IQ brings you the Software Design for Medical Devices whitepaper looking at what you need to know in regards to software cyber security to medical devices. This whitepaper was prepared ahead of the Software Design for Medical Devices Summit taking place in Munich on the 21st – 24th February 2017 as we provide you with insight on the FDA’s Postmarket Management of Cyber Security in Medical Devices guidelines. Find the event programme and details on


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