Italy’s Referendum Could Impact Global Economy

By easyMarkets, Special for  USDR.

The Italian Referendum on December 4th is set to be a huge day for the markets but with talk of volatility, instability and even an Italian Brexit how can you trade it safely? Let’s take a look at what’s coming up and how easyMarkets is planning to keep you  safe.

What’s Happening In  Italy?

  • If Italy Votes Yes then Matteo Renzi will remain as Prime Minister of Italy, will aim to revive the Italian economy, fight the banking crisis and keep Italy in the  EU.
  • If Italy Votes No then the Five Star Movement against Italy’s membership in the European Union may gain ground. Italy may therefore be poised for its own  Brexit.

Market  Predictions

  • Market volatility on EURO  pairs
  • Volatility to increase  substantially
  • GOLD, Swiss Franc and YEN perceived safe havens  sought

How easyMarkets will Protect  Clients

As with the Brexit and the US Elections easyMarkets has confirmed its promise to keep traders  safe.

  • Access to NEW tool  dealCancellation
  • No increases to margin  requirements
  • Continued access to 200:1  leverage
  • Free guaranteed stop  loss
  • Fixed  spreads
  • Negative balance  protection

Why Trade The Italian Referendum With  dealCancellation?

dealCancellation* allows traders to cancel losing deals within 60 minutes and get their money back for a small fee. Italian Referendum traders may insure their trades in case the markets suddenly move against them, therefore protecting their  balance.

The last word goes to easyMarkets Director of Risk Evdokia Pitsillidou who says “We may be in for a highly volatile day which poses great opportunities for easyMarkets  traders.”

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