It’s the Time to Put Happiness First: Top Tips to Reclaim Your Life This Year


You need to start putting your own wellbeing and your own happiness first. Life is both too short and too long to do anything but. Our lifespans are set to exceed a century. There is no reason to push yourself to the bring at a job you hate when you have longer than ever to work towards your goals at a pace that prioritizes your happiness and those who are important to you. That is why, this year, make your resolution a resolution to be happy. Follow these tips and you can reclaim your life and start living a better, happier  tomorrow.

  1. Make Your Career Work for You

The first step that you need to take when you want to put your happiness first is to address what makes you unhappy. If that is your career, then you need to make it work for you. This could mean changing jobs, or it could mean changing career paths entirely. It could, of course, just mean speaking up more and having more initiative so that you can ask for that raise, or ask for that  promotion.

  1. Cut Out Toxic People

The next step is to cut out the toxic people in your life. These are the friends that make your life worse off. They are the family members who do nothing but hurt you. Cut these people out of your life, especially if they cause you to hurt yourself, either directly or through your habits. If you want to be happy, you need to be around those who make you  happy.


  1. Learn When to Say No, and When to Say Yes

It isn’t helpful to always say yes, and similarly you shouldn’t always say no. Instead, start realizing what good opportunities are and which aren’t. For instance, going out to try something new with friends is something you should try, but going out to do the same thing for the third time, when you really don’t like it, is something you shouldn’t force yourself to do. Be open to new experiences, but know it’s okay to say no to the things you don’t  like.


  1. Make Every Experience an Event

Our senses make up so much of our lives, and by stimulating these senses we can open ourselves up to a new world. That is why you should buy that cooking book and try more at your at-home meals. It is also why you should try out new restaurants, why you should go to that wine tasting class, or why you should take a look at Mt Baker Vapors nicotine juice for more flavor options. It is your life, so make sure your life it how you want. Don’t listen to anyone else but  yourself.

It is not selfish to want to be happy or to put your own wellbeing first. Take the time to put yourself first, whether it’s in your career or at home. If you don’t want to work at your current job, then look for an alternative. If you dislike the house you’re living in, then look for a new place to life. There are many options out there, so don’t settle for one that’s  so-so.

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