Jeb Bush is Running

A Media Wrap UP.


For months it has become increasingly obvious that former Florida Republican governor Jeb Bush has been a candidate for the White House.  Today, the candidate has made it official.

NewsMax: Jeb Bush Announcement  Speech

Adweek: A Look at the Jeb  Logo:

There’s nothing more infectious than good old fashioned enthusiasm from a presidential candidate. And what better way to project that political fervor than by adding an exclamation point to your campaign  logo?

On Sunday, John Ellis Bush, known colloquially by a snappier acronym, did just that in unveiling his 2016 logo. It sure is… (read  more)

TIME: Bush’s Pitch to  Conservatives:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush began his quest to become the third in his family to win the Presidency with a speech aimed at convincing skeptical conservatives that he is one of them. But even before he arrived on stage at Miami Dade College, the Republican’s critics were working to undercut his deep-pocketed White House  bid.

“We will lift our sights again, make opportunity common again, get events in the world moving our way again,” Bush said. “We will take Washington—the static capital of this dynamic country—out of the business of causing  problems.”

That can-do attitude is going to be one of the central arguments why the 62-year-old son of one President and brother to another deserves the nomination. In a speech that will detail how Florida under Bush led the nation in creating jobs and starting… (read  more)

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