Jury Duty IS the Responsibility of Good Citizens

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On February 12, 2014, The Price Business radio show was fortunate enough to have another interview with Lee Kaplan of Smyser, Kaplan & Veselka, LLP.

Lee Kaplan has proven himself as a brilliant and intellectually stimulating individual, who’s done a great job in his field, gaining positive feedback especially due to the fact that he always brings something new to the table, and had some very interesting insights on various issues concerning business and the government.

On the February 12th interview, Kevin Price and Lee Kaplan talked about the importance of Jury Duty and why it is a responsibility a good citizen must do.

Indeed often times people don’t like being chosen as a jury, and be involved with some criminal and civil cases they don’t want to be a part of. But in this interview, Lee Kaplan will go through some of the essential factors people need to know about jury duty, and why it is considered one of the closest connections you’ll have with the entire governing system and the rule of law.

There are also known DANGERS of not showing up for jury duty, a few which Lee Kaplan will go through with. It is both a responsibility and an opportunity that a good citizen must not try to get out of.

Get to understand the functions of the jury, and a clear explanation as to why the number of juries on a criminal case and civil case differ.

Also, learn why it is helpful to have a multiple of prejudices that sort of cancel each other out. And people working together to overcome their prejudices in a jury room, rather than just having one judge to determine the verdict of a certain case.

You may wonder what to expect when chosen to be part of the jury. Well, this interview had some useful insights that you’ll sure want to know about. And know what people who got the chance of being a juror has to say.

Being involved in the governing system is an obligation. One of the best ways to get involved would be jury duty. It is a very good thing to do as a citizen who wants to do good for the community. Running away from it is a big mistake. You might just be throwing away an enjoyable, fun and rewarding experience that contributes to the betterment of the nation.

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