Latest Research: More People Are Going Back to School in the US


According to the latest research by the National Center for Education Statistics, more people are going back to school across the United States in fall 2016. Over 30 million college students are part of those numbers, returning to pursue various degrees from undergraduate degrees to doctorates. There are a few reasons why we’re seeing a huge increase in the number of people going back to  school.

An Improving  Economy

The increase in the number of college students signals the many improvements in the economy. Since the 2008 crisis, the economy has been slowly picking up. New jobs are being created and the demand for skilled professionals to fill higher positions is also  increasing.

The increase in opportunities means more people are motivated to get a degree and qualify for better jobs. Better jobs mean better pay, which in turn will further boost the economy. There is no sign of the trend slowing down or  stopping.

Experts predict that the trend will also influence other forms of education. Even the number of students attending grade schools across the country is increasing at a steady  rate.

More Financing Options and Lower College  Costs

We’re also seeing more financial institutions offering wider financing options for students. Student loans are more affordable and the competitive market means there are more deals for students to choose  from.

The same can be said for aids and grants. Government grants have doubled since 2012 and there are more scholarships today than there were a couple of years ago. You don’t have to rely on academic scholarships to be able to enter college either. Programs designed to reward special skills and other qualifications are easy to  find.

Let’s not forget that the competitive market also means more affordable college costs in general. Universities are competing for your business – unfortunately, that is still the case with many private schools – and you have more choices and cost structures to  compare.

Distance Learning and Other  Options

The final – and perhaps the most important – reason why a lot of people are pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees is the availability of distance learning. You can find online courses from top universities like Villanova University. There are more programs to choose from than ever before  too.

For example, you can pursue an online master of science in analytics and acquire the business analytic skills required by many top-level management positions. The degree will not only help push your career forward, but also aid the construction of a better future in  general.

Other degrees are in high demand too. Biostatistics, computer science and business administration are all among the highly-vibrant fields to enter. You can expect a lot of job opportunities and a good median salary – as well as other rewards – upon completing your master’s degree in any of these  fields.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, there is no sign of the trend slowing down. We’re looking at a healthy 5-year growth. If there’s a good time to get back to school, now would be that  time.

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