Leadership Skills That Impact the Future of Nursing

Leadership qualities are an essential set of skills that is a requirement of almost every field of work. A leader ensures effective performance and completions of operation in a workplace setting. It is just as crucial in the healthcare industry as any other, and a Nurse Manager usually takes up the role. The future of nursing depends mainly upon the leadership skills that regulate throughout the healthcare center.

A lead nurse is looked up to by other nurses and possesses abilities and skills which inspire others to be like them. A good leader is not the boss but a friend who can understand and empathize with those working under them. Leadership skills in nurses should make them capable of completing interpersonal, decisional, and information roles. They need to be there for their team workers while completing the task-at-hand most skillfully. There are several essential skills that a leading nurse should have to impact the future of nursing positively.

  1. Technologically Advanced

Progression and advancement of the world come with increased demands to stay progressive. And a superior quality of a good leader is that they are always up to date, hence, technologically advanced. It means that nurses who have leadership skills are knowledgeable in terms of technology and development. They have the know-how of computers and a grip on useful software. The innovative and technical programs used in a clinical setting to improve operation are becoming common day-by-day. An efficient healthcare service includes using the right application like biometrics and electronic health records (EHRs). There is no doubt that technology is the face of the future, with practical and unique uses to make work easier. It also expands to the provision of education, as many RN are going for online dnp programs to excel in their profession. Remote learning allows them to be efficient by providing them with clinical experience as well as theoretical knowledge.

  1. Teamwork Management

Working in teams is essential, especially when it comes to critical workplace settings like healthcare centers. In charge, Nurses are often responsible for supervising, controlling, and managing a team of workers so that a specific operation can successfully occur. However, managing a team is not an easy task because everyone has a subjective and opinionated view regarding their healing practices. But negotiating and resolving issues between them is a leadership skill that Manager Nurses possess. It helps them play their role as a liaison between the workers and the management. This kind of teamwork management seems to positively impact the nursing profession’s future as it aids immensely in the growth and improvement of patient care.

  1. Decision-Making Power

Nurses have to make several decisions throughout their clinical experience, as well as an academic one. A good decision-making power indicates leadership skills that are necessary to administrate the nursing community. Since nurses are on their feet almost twenty-four hours a day in the field, many critical situations need them to take quick and prompt actions. To be effective and efficient in their decision-making, they need to know possible consequences and availability of the required resources. Staying ahead of time and aware of their surroundings helps them make a proper choice to better the patient and the hospital itself. It indicates a safe and secure future for the nursing profession.

  1. Staying Prompt and Vigilant

Nurses are one of the most trusted employees of a healthcare organization. It is why there is always a massive responsibility on their shoulders to do the best for their center. It is why we need to stay prompt enough to seize the opportunities that present themselves in favor of the organization.

Moreover, they have superior leadership skills known as agility, enabling them to be quick and vigilant to take positive steps towards fulfilling the organization’s strategic goal. Being flexible and agile to the changes around them allows the nurses to adapt and reinforce accordingly. They become more competent to take up unpredictable challenges and make the best use of them. This skill also helps them in their personal growth and career enhancement. They know when to decide to go for academic prosperity and when to stay in the field to attain clinical knowledge.

  1. Maintaining Good Environment

Maintaining a good and secure working environment in a healthcare center’s capacity cannot be more essential. Good leadership instills policies and regulates rules which lead up to a great atmosphere. It’s critical because it directly impacts the healthcare workers’ activities and the health of the patients. A Manager Nurse should be quick to collaborate with other workers and realize the importance of maintaining positive attitudes with their colleagues for the sake of patient’s healthcare. Even though it isn’t always easy to achieve balance and cooperation among the workers, leading nurses use their interpersonal roles to encourage communication. It will help them become better role models and manage conflicts easily.


The time in which we are living right now is hugely uncertain. No career or profession seems to have a bright future, and many industries are going downhill. However, the silver lining is that the nursing profession thrives as ever, even in this situation, because the need for authentic and well-educated healthcare workers is increasing rapidly. Leadership skill is becoming more of a necessity in the nursing sector so that the future could become secure.

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