Learn More About CFA Exam Results

What Information Do You Receive?

When it comes to chartered financial analyst exam results, it is important to go into what information you get from the CFA Institute. Of course, you get your exam result, which is either a ‘pass’ or a ‘fail’. However, you also get information about your performance at all of the topic levels, too. You should know that you won’t get detailed results if you pass Level 3 of the CFA exam. There are various resources that can help you properly interpret the report on your results.

One of these resources is the exam performance guide from the CFA Institute. Additionally, the CFA Institute will make sure to let you know when you can access your official exam results. You can register for your next CFA exam after you get your CFA exam results. If you do happen to fail, the information from your exam results can help you study so you can have a better chance of passing the CFA exam next time.

What Are The Pass Rates for the CFA Exam?

Since it is a pass/fail exam, the pass rates for the CFA exam are fairly straightforward. The CFA Institute website has pass rates for each year the exam was administered in 1963. The Level 1 CFA exam was most recently administered in July 2021 and only 22% of candidates passed. The Level 2 CFA exam was administered most recently in May 2021 and 40% of candidates passed. The Level 3 CFA exam was last held in May 2021 and 42% of candidates passed this exam.

These chartered financial analyst exam results follow the trend of pass rates, historically speaking. The pass rates for Level 1 CFA exam candidates were the lowest and the pass rates for Level 3 CFA exam candidates were the highest. There are many factors at play, but candidates who can pass the first two levels of the CFA exam tend to pass the third level as well at a reasonable rate.

When Are The Individual CFA Exam Results Available?

Thankfully, the CFA exam results are available relatively quickly. You can get your exam results for Level 1 CFA exams and Level 2 CFA exams within 60 days of the date of the exam. However, you can receive your exam results for the Level 3 CFA exam within 90 days of the exam date. Only you receive your candidate results. The CFA Institute does not release those results to a third party.

How Long Does It Take to Release General CFA Exam Results?

Of course, the CFA Institute releases more general information about the CFA exam results, too. Typically, these are available roughly eight to ten weeks after an exam window closes for Level 1 CFA exams and Level 2 CFA exams. These general results are available roughly ten weeks after an exam window closes for Level 3 CFA exams. The CFA Institute performs a detailed analysis of both how candidates performed and the questions on the exam after the close of the exam window and the completion of all testing.

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