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By Eldad Peri Group LTD, Special for  USDR

Britain has asked to learn about Israel’s hi-tech, especially regarding its cyber industry. The British Minister Mr. Matthew Hancock, who is responsible for Britain’s cyber security (Minister for the Cabinet Office and Paymaster General), held a meeting last week at the British Embassy in Israel, which included Brigadier General (Ret.) Yair Cohen, who operates today as CEO of Peri-tech from the Eldad Peri Group and is also the former commander of the intelligence unit  8200.

Minister Hancock asked to learn about Israeli technological developments, emphasizing the field of cyber. Also, the participants discussed the IDF’s model unit that is “8200” and its huge contribution to the cyber industry and successful hi-tech in  Israel.

The minister stressed the importance Britain has placed on cyber threats and the need for international collaboration against criminal acts and others trying to use the worldwide computerized infrastructure for multidimensional  attacks.

Yair Cohen noted that Israel’s particular situation allows the country to not only be an international leader in this field but also create a “Start Up Nation” and “Cyber  Nation”.

In 2015 Israeli cyber start-up companies sold in exits for $1.6b and the total sales made up 10% of the entire worldwide  market.

It is important to note that Minister Hancock is one of the leaders inBritain’s legislature actions against the BDS  movement.

In the meeting, Yair Cohen stated that the BDS boycott is not only anti-Israel but also works against basic global justice and that products and technology from Israel can create a natural bridge between people and countries, especially for those that find it difficult to do so  otherwise.

Eldad Peri, the founder of the Eldad Peri Group, stated, “The alumni of unit 8200 are the backbone of the Israeli hi-tech industry. We, in the Group, would be happy to collaborate with the British government in replicating such a successful Israeli model. Furthermore, on a personal level, I’d like to add to the words of the Israeli minister Gila Gamliel and those of my friend Yair Cohen, and thank Minister Hancock, as well as the British government, on their continued brave opposition to all forms of boycott against Israel and its citizens. For this they are worthy of  admiration.”

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