Lessons Learned from 9/11

by Candace Salima, contributor on US Daily Review

I have a regular mantra, one I end up repeating often because so many seem to be ignoring our past, to our peril:

“If we do not learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it.” (Paraphrased from George Santayana)

As much as Barack Obama and his administration want the terms radical Islam, jihad and terrorism excised from the American vocabulary, closing our eyes, plugging our ears and singing la, la, la, won’t make the truth disappear. We are at war.

I will never forget the events of September 11, 2011. I was getting ready for work, and had the news on, as I do every morning. I was just leaving my room when I something that stopped me cold. I turned toward the television in utter horror as they played tape of the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. I sat down on my bed and just watched, tears rolling down my face, and begin to pray for the thousands of people in those buildings.

I will never forget watching people jump from the building to their deaths. To plane after plane striking World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and being downed in a field in Pennsylvania. It’s impossible to forget the radical ideology which birthed these monsters. And the bravery of the passengers of Flight 93 is indelibly burned in my mind. Many, many people died that day. And many heroes emerged to save those that did not. A nation wept, turned to God, and when the horror of that atrocity began to fade they went back to their lives, forgetting Him once again.

My lessons from September 11th are simple, yet have been with me since that tragic day:

Remember God always, for only in Him will we find the peace and equanimity to handle the horrors the world too often give us. The human spirit is indomitable, but the scars of that day will remain forever in the hearts and minds of those who lost loved ones that day. Only in prayer can we begin to understand the madness of men and come to an understanding, if not peace.

Love your family and friends. Treasure every day with them and realize we never know, each day we awaken, if it will be the last day we hug them. Never lose an opportunity to say “I love you,” and to embrace the ones you love. Never forget to tell them how important they are to you.

There is an ideology that wants America destroyed. The followers of that ideology will never give up. They are men and women driven by hatred, violence, and a cancerous animosity that cannot be excised or healed. The world is at war, and America must stand as that ensign of liberty and freedom regardless of who our enemies are. We must be Reagan’s shining city on a hill; and,

We must never, ever forget the events of 9/11, for as tragic as Pearl Harbor was, so too was this day in history.

Candace E. Salima is a syndicated talk show host, author, and columnist.  Learn more about her at www.CandaceSalima.com.

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