LibraryBub’s 2017 Featured Books from Independent Publishers

By LibraryBub, Special for  USDR

Today LibraryBub reveals its titles of the month for July 2017 as part of its program of introducing librarians to outstanding books from independent publishers. Included among the recommended titles are many that have won awards and several that are bestselling books within their genre. Each of the books is stocked by Amazon and has been specially chosen by LibraryBub as deserving of particular  attention.

LibraryBub CEO, Alinka Rutkowska, is excited to be able to facilitate the connection between independent publishers and the library sector. “Books change lives,” she affirms, “and they are our world’s biggest treasures. Librarians are the gatekeepers who decide which books will get in the hands of their  patrons.”

Below is July’s selection by  category:


Mystery, Thriller &  Suspense:

Lamentation (Book One in the Jay Porter series) by Joe Clifford (ISBN: 978-1608091850)

December Boys (Book Two in the Jay Porter series) by Joe Clifford (ISBN: 978-1608092499)

Give Up the Dead (Book Three of the Jay Porter series) by Joe Clifford (ISBN: 978-1608092048)

Lockout by John J. Nance (ISBN: 978-1942266600)

Crevice (Book One of the Earth Hunters series) by Janice Boekhoff (ISBN: 978-1942266549)

A Negro and an Ofay (Book One of the Tales of Elliot Caprice series) by Danny Gardner (ISBN: 978-1943402670)


When Fall Fades (Book One of the Girl Next Door series) by Amy Leigh Simpson (ISBN: 978-1942266297)

Science Fiction &  Fantasy:

Degrees of Darkness (Book One of the Julia Elliot series) by Lori C. Thompson (ISBN: 978-1541142107)

Rapture at Midnight (Book One of the Cynn Cruors Bloodline series) by Isobelle Cate (ISBN: 978-1523798568)

The Rebecca Pendragon Trilogy: Magic is All Around Us by Gary Green (ISBN: 978-1520707303)

Contemporary  Fiction:

The Un-death of Me: Life of an Asian American Woman by Alicia Su Lozeron (ISBN: 978-0998194103)

Webs of Fate (Book Three of the Webs series) by Darlene Quinn (ISBN: 978-1608323890)


The Adventures of a Water Drop by Begonia Ibarrola (ISBN: 978-8495923646)

Hieroglyph (Book One of the T.C.’s Adventures series) by W.J. Scott (ISBN:  978-1539151111)

Author Gator: don’t judge a book by its cover by Joshua Benya (ISBN:  978-0692868577)

Lamellia: the Kingdom of Mushrooms by Gloria D. Gonsalves (ISBN:  978-1524634971)



Valley Speak: deciphering the jargon of Silicon Valley by Rochelle Kopp and Steven Ganz (ISBN:  978-0997436402)

The Journey of Not Knowing: how 21st Century leaders can chart a course where there is none by Julie Benezet (ISBN:  978-0997813906)

How to Succeed in Business: own your worth and attract money (Volume One) by Marcelle della Faille (ISBN:  978-1540522191)

True  Crime:

Betrayal in Blue: the shocking memoir of the scandal that rocked the NYPD by Burl BarerFrank C. Girardot Jr. and Ken Eurell (ISBN: 978- 1942266747)

Failure of Justice: a brutal murder, an obsessed cop, six wrongful convictions by John Ferak (ISBN:  978-1942266471)

Biographies &  Memoirs:

Hudojnik: the life and art of Ivan I. Garikow by Steven Nesbit (ISBN:  978-1478335849)


Conductor: the heart & soul of the railroad by Robert L. Bryan (ISBN:  978-1520411521)

LibraryBub author Rosemary A. Johns says, “After LibraryBub’s mailing, over a thousand librarians clicked through to my book. I’m a British fantasy author and so have no way to connect to American libraries. Alinka’s service was exactly what I needed. I spent my teenage years avidly borrowing books from libraries or curled up in the corner of one; being able to share my books in libraries (as well as bookstores and online) is something I’m passionate about. This service made that possible in a big  way.”

LibraryBub warmly invites librarians to register at to participate in this exclusive networking scheme. Independent publishers are encouraged to go to to submit recent publications for  consideration.

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