Lifestyle Changing Tips for Weight Loss

According to a WHO survey back in 2016, around 1.9 billion adults worldwide are overweight, and 650 million of them are obese. In 2021, the situation has only worsened and is worsening. 

Up to some extent, modernization can be blamed. People have stopped caring about their bodies, fast instant food everywhere, and excessive exposure to TV and smartphone screens has damaged most of us up to an unfortunate extent.

Being obese or overweight is not a disease itself. Still, it will make you a walking house of diabetes, hypertension, blood pressure fluctuations, heart problems, high cholesterol levels, and much more, which will eventually lead to your downfall somehow someday.

So, what to do now? Is there still anything I can do to avoid such an outcome? What about my office, shall I need to left my work? Shall I need to starve myself with an immense workout? Meds? Relax! We know it sounds pretty confusing for you to understand how to change your lifestyle to reduce your weight. 

So, here are some points that will surely help you out.

  • Eating healthy

Whatever you eat becomes part of your body. Think about this, eating unhealthy fast food all the time, seven days a week, and you still think that somehow your body will magically process all this without any internal damage, and you’ll get a perfectly well-maintained body by doing nothing? But it doesn’t work that way.

To keep your body in a healthy physical state, you will need to add veggies and fruits to your regular diet. Humans can’t digest vegetables due to lack of cellulase enzyme, allowing the vegetables to act as a natural cleanser, and fruits provide a significant portion of our vitamin needs.

  • Watch only your favorite shows.

Sarah works 9-5 in an office. Sarah is very conscious about her diet, but after getting back home, she starts binge-watching every show with an exciting title on Netflix or cable till she falls asleep late at night and back to the office in the morning. So, will Sarah able to achieve a healthy body through this lifestyle? Definitely no!

It’s a universal fact that you need to work out a bit to burn those extra carbs, but instead, most of us spent our time watching every available show moving towards a healthy lifestyle.

  • Start wearing jeans

Wait, what? How can wearing jeans will help me out losing weight? It’s a fantastic yet straightforward technique.

It all depends upon your mental perspective. 99 % of us who have an overweight or obese body will reject the idea of wearing jeans because tight jeans can make your body physique more visible to others. But this can be the driving force behind the change in your lifestyle you always wanted. Take this as a challenge and do something about your unhealthy lifestyle and improve till you’re finally comfortable wearing a nice Denim in public.

  • Add some exercise to your routine.

According to experts, only taking care of your diet will not be enough to control your body weight. Always try to do some exercise in the morning or whenever you feel comfortable.

The lack of enough physical activity is undoubtedly a bummer for our body health. When we don’t work out, the fats that were supposed to burnout and provide energy for our physical activities start to accumulate in places like adipose tissues and heart passages, leading to horrible results.

So, it’s always a better idea to work out a little bit to keep your body active and energized, or even a better idea is to join a gym or some workout institution under the supervision of an expert trainer, which will surely be a massive boost for your weight loss journey.

  • Keep track of your weight.

Why should I keep track of my weight? Will it even do something that will help me lose weight? I know it sounds not so exciting but trusts me, it works!

Keeping track of your weight is a psychological way to help you stay focused on your weight loss lifestyle. It’s not like you should measure your weight daily; doing it once a week will be enough. With the results being visible to you after a week, this will surely raise your spirits and encourage you to do better and better for the goal you’re soon to achieve.

  • Have a good night’s sleep

Sleep is like a charging mode of our body. We may not feel it, but during sleep, our body activity is at its peak. Cells and tissues repair themselves, muscles get relaxed, pores opening and clearing the dust-out, all this and much more happening during sleep.

Neglecting sleep results in an imbalance of the natural rhythms and patterns of the body, resulting in a series of illnesses and excessive weight gain.

  • Follow the 3-meal plan.

Have you ever heard of a diet plan? Well, here’s the best one you can follow, proven scientifically.

During the 3-meal plan, you eat three whole meals a day to get yourself energized but remember the essential part! Nothing except the three meals. If you feel hungry and ready to take a light snack thinking that it won’t do much, wait for the mealtime and then eat. This is all this fantastic meal plan requires you to do!

  • Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol can be a massive hindrance in losing weight for many reasons. It is referred to as ’empty calories’ by nutritionists, meaning that it adds to your calorie count but isn’t a source of energy or nutrients at all. 

It can make it harder to lose weight as it contributes to an alcoholic fatty liver, which can slow down your metabolism. The beer belly metaphor everyone’s heard of is no myth either, as alcoholic drinks like beer add to your calories just like sugary drinks, and end up being stored as fat. It is best to quit alcohol consumption or limit it as best as possible if you’re aiming for a smooth weight loss journey. You can always get help from Greenhouse Treatment Center for better results.

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