Local Tree Service Comes to the Rescue

It’s not often you get a tree-trimming service doing paraglider rescue. However, it’s also not every day that you get a paraglider suspended in trees sixty feet off the ground. The two uncommon situations combined on Sunday night, ending with a hair-raising rescue by the local tree-trimmer. The owner of Everybody’s Tree Service, Talon Lobaugh, was called out to perform the recovery. Even after going through a 12-hour day, the local hero responded to the reports. “I was called in around six o’clock, and they asked me if I was willing to go do a paraglider rescue,” the surprised Lobaugh told news reporters. “Somebody apparently had gotten caught in between two treetops up on Mount Roberts, and they were about 60 feet off the ground, suspended.”

The Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association of Canada (HPAC) mentions that most tree injuries happen when a paraglider hits a wing or falls out of their harness. In this case, the glider was atop Mount Roberts, suspended in a stand of high trees. She was too far up for anyone without special equipment to get to her, hence the call to the tree-trimmer. To get to the glider, Lobaugh was required to hike up the slopes of the hill. After a long day hard at work, this seemed like a challenging task, but it wasn’t beyond the local hero. Someone was in danger, and he was dedicated to helping. Lobaugh notes that you could even see her paraglider stuck on the trees, like a massive white sail attached to the treetops.

Not a Short Rescue

When Lobaugh got there, he realized that it would take some time to get the stricken paraglider down. Once he got there, he had to climb the tree to inspect how tangled the glider was and release the woman caught in its harness. Lobaugh worked alongside a team on the ground to lower her – an action that took over an hour to accomplish. He then set to work on the glider, getting it unstuck from the tree and letting it swing to another tree a mere twenty feet away. Lobaugh noted that the rescue was a bit complicated since the glider was stuck at the very tips of the spruce trees.

Adding a Description to Tree Trimmers?

While this is a one-off rescue, other tree-trimming companies would be more than willing to offer a hand if something like this were to happen in their locale. Smith’s Tree Service notably offers tree-trimming and management of foliage in and around their local region and would be happy to lend a hand if something like this were to happen. The key is not to panic when stuck in a tree. As a paraglider enthusiast, you might become harried if the wind pushes you off course and into a stand of trees. Keeping your wits about you is the best thing you can do in this situation. Eventually, rescue will come, most likely in the form of a local tree-trimming company if you’re stuck in some branches high off the ground.

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