Master Your Cash Flow

By Al Zdenek, Special for  USDR

While there is a lot of speculation on Capitol Hill regarding tax cuts, interest rates, and the economy, the questions many Americans have remain the  same:

  • How much money will I need for retirement?
  • How can I afford to save and invest more and live the life I wish now?
  • When can I achieve financial independence?
  • What exactly is my financial situation now?

These are some of the many questions asked by those who become clients of wealth advisor, CPA and Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) Al Zdenek, Jr., who founded Traust Sollus Wealth Management, LLC.  With decades of experience in empowering people to transform their lives by teaching them to make better financial decisions, Al answers many questions in his recently published book, Master Your Cash Flow:  The Key to Grow and Retain Wealth  (

Al, who provides wealth management services to high-net worth individuals, senior executives, physicians and business owners, believes:  “Everyone can live the life they want, now and in the future.  You have to become the master of your cash  flow.”

Indeed, Al shares the following straightforward advice and valuable information to help  people:

  • Make better financial choices.
  • Decrease stress and anxiety over finances.
  • Map out – and actually live – the lives they want now.
  • Achieve financial independence in the time frame they want.
  • Preserve assets while continuing to build new wealth.
  • Find new cash flow to build wealth from everyday decisions.
  • Pay less income taxes, save the tax savings and build more wealth

Al, who worked for Ernst & Young and pharmaceutical giant, Merck & Co., Inc before starting his own firm 30 years ago, stresses that one can attain his or her financial objective, “But it’s important to understand that making better financial choices is not something you can visit once in a while or learn to do simply by reading a book, even this one, and/or by taking a course. Your best bet is to surround yourself with people who are going to help guide you on making better financial choices around a financial plan that lays out the way you want to live, now and in the  future.”

“At Traust Sollus,” writes Al of his firm with clients in 22 states, “our philosophy is that we don’t believe that penny-pinching — skipping Starbucks to have a cheap latte or giving up whatever it is that makes you happy –- is the way to live your life. Our philosophy is that if you make better financial decisions around your cash flow consistently, you will have the money for the way you want to live your lifestyle now, to save and/or build your wealth for how you want to live in retirement, and to achieve financial  independence.”

Tax season is now upon us, but the planning for the future of one’s retirement is right around the  corner.

SOURCE Al  Zdenek

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