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By Moncur, Special for  USDR

Moncur recently overhauled—from discovery, to design, to delivery—in six weeks flat! Brad Meltzer is a #1 New York Times Best-Selling author, TV show host and influential media personality recognized around the  world.

The author challenged Moncur to reinvent his online presence before the launch of his latest book. The resulting 434-page website Moncur created is a completely remodeled digital platform, with a caliber of visual branding, web technology and interactive UI/UX experiences that raises the bar for all best-selling  authors.

The new website includes a variety of unique touch points to engage with, including hidden bonus content behind hard-to-find keyholes! Fans can learn more about Brad Meltzer by digging into his books, watching his videos, listening to his interviews, following his social channels, joining his Invisible Army and discovering other  goodness.

Step one was defining Brad Meltzer’s personal brand—his off-the-wall personality was the core element that would drive the overall design of the site. Within the first week, Moncur’s award-winning team concepted and executed a custom photo shoot that established a photography style genuine to Brad. The images Moncur captured provided a powerful foundation for Meltzer’s visual brand and set the tone for what his online presence would  become.

The next step was establishing a new structure and hierarchy. Building a new brand and website for a globally renowned figure who is accomplished in many different areas of media required Moncur to re-organize and streamline the author’s messaging and content. Moncur’s creative team of copywriters, designers and developers worked swiftly to execute a visually stunning and immersive user experience for Brad Meltzer  fans.

“Hidden secrets for users to find? Gorgeous interactive experiences? Moncur didn’t just build me a website. They built me a new home. Blown away by how good they are!” beamed  Meltzer.

Brad Meltzer’s new website not only beautifully displays the breadth of his work, it powerfully communicates his passion for storytelling, chasing truths and inspiring ordinary people to do extraordinary  things.

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Moncur is a branding and digital agency based in Detroit, with offices in Miami and Austin. Moncur seamlessly integrates strategic communication and fluid technology to help companies brand, market and sell what they do online through beautiful communication .

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