Meet USDR: Daniel Jamieson, Senior Editor

Each week US Daily Review will be highlighting a different member of its editorial team. We do this for our readers to have an opportunity to get to know our team.  This week, Daniel Jamieson, Senior Editor:

Daniel Jamieson was born in Aberdeen, Scotland to parents Michael James Jamieson and Christina Joan Jamieson.  At just six weeks old, the family moved to San Francisco for just over a year as his father, a physician, researched  possible areas of study. They returned to Aberdeen until Daniel was five years old, at which time Dr. Jamieson  landed a faculty position at the UT Health Science Center in San Antonio, Texas.

Daniel lived in the Alamo City for around five years, attending St. George Elementary. Soon after his tenth birthday  his parents separated, and Daniel, along with his mother and brothers Martin and Craig, moved back to Scotland to  begin again.

Middle-child Daniel enrolled in Mile End Primary School to finish out the remainder of his junior schooling. At the  age of twelve Daniel sat the entrance examination for prestigious private high school Robert Gordon’s College in Aberdeen. His high scores on the test awarded him a full academic scholarship to the college, which he attended for the next six years. He graduated in the summer of 2002, at which point he decided to take a leap of courage and move back to the United States for his higher education.

Daniel’s older brother, Craig, had made the same decision two years prior. Craig attended UTSA and just recently graduated from Rice University’s MBA program. He now works in the oil sector for Cameron Industries. Daniel’s father welcomed him to his home in Houston in the fall of 2002, where he began his American re-assimilation. Progress was slow. Despite still having a social security number, Daniel struggled with the INS and justice systems to attain his work permit, residence, drivers license, all coming down to a stroke of luck where a friendly face in the DMV office took pity on his case and allowed him to take the licensing exam.

The next step was to sit the SAT, because it seemed that American universities did not recognize any of his academic work from Scotland. Daniel studied intensely for a month before sitting the exam, and he scored well.

Daniel enrolled in Texas State University in the fall of 2003. The hill country town of San Marcos provided a brand new opportunity for the young Scot, and he took quickly to the new scene. Daniel pledged Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and within three years was the president of the prestigious organization. Daniel graduated in the summer of 2008 with a B.A in English, with an emphasis on Creative Writing.

After graduation Daniel moved back to Houston, eager to pursue his passion for writing. At a time when American employment statistics left little to be desired, he opted for an internship with the Houston location of Health and Fitness Magazine. Ever the health and athletic enthusiast, he studied under chief editor Rod Evans, learning the intricacies of journalism and editorial marketing. He composed a number of published columns featuring insights into the then devastated Galveston area, as well as impressions regarding progressions in medical study, looking at stroke, heart disease and cancer. He completed his internship in the summer of 2008 and looked to the next chapter.

In his spare time, Daniel is an avid amateur athlete. He competes in a number of city leagues in baseball and soccer, supporting his life-long passion for sports. His true athletic prowess lies in golf, not surprising for a Scotsman. Throughout his life he has competed and excelled in innumerous tournaments, cutting his teeth at the historic Royal Aberdeen Golf Club. Although a busy schedule prevents him from playing as much as he would like, he tries to venture onto the course whenever possible. Daniel also has an interest in films, and is currently composing a screenplay for an up-and-coming Hollywood production company. He hopes to one day produce and write successful material for audiences to enjoy.

Daniel, now aged 27, met business and political commentator Kevin Price in the summer of 2011, initially working with him at his radio syndication, The Price of Business. After establishing a sound rapport with Price, Daniel has since been made a Senior Editor at the stimulating new internet website US Daily Review. Popular amongst peers and experts, Daniel is touted to become an important member of the rising political commentary scene.

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