Michael Rooney Law Office Asks Whether California Plaintiffs Will Ever Have Their Day In Court, Or Will “Justice Delayed Be Justice Denied”?

By: Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, USDR

California Plaintiffs and their attorneys are angry at the Courts’ alleged inability to timely give them justice and their day in Court. Most of the blame is placed on the State’s budget cuts. As San Mateo County Superior Court Presiding Judge Robert Foiles, recently stated in an interview by NBC3 Reporter, Stephen Stock: “justice delayed is justice denied… and we’re delaying justice!” This appears to be the situation unfolding in the malicious prosecution case, Christina Sagonowsky v. Curtis Kekoa, Jr., San Mateo County Superior Court Case Number CIV501548.  See also Robert Sprague v. Curtis Kekoa, Jr., California First District Court Of Appeal, Division Two, Case Number A122018.

What the public does not know is that professional “vexatious litigants” are getting away with causing havoc and exploiting an already weakened Court system to further delay the possibility that their victims will ever get their day in Court.

Vexatious litigants habitually abuse the Court system to inflict harm on innocent parties by filing meritless lawsuits and civil actions against them. However, when it is their turn to answer for their wrongs, they further exploit the Courts’ apparent inability to handle cases by using every trick to delay their victims’ right to justice, while making themselves judgment-proof before a jury renders a judgment against them, once again outsmarting the legal system that they have abused for years.

What does the Court do in these circumstances to ensure that justice is served timely? It has now twice delayed Plaintiffs’ trial when courtrooms, judges and jurors were all available.

Why is the Court delaying and denying JUSTICE in THIS CASE — a strong case that every San Mateo County Superior Court judge who has examined it has found that Plaintiffs’ case has merit and that Plaintiffs will likely win?

Will the San Mateo County Superior Court delay justice yet again to allow these defendants to evade justice? Will other vexatious litigants be encouraged to employ similar delay tactics in the court system knowing that plaintiffs may never get their day in court?

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