Militants in Syria Commit Ethnic Cleansing

By SAF, Special for  USDR

The Syrian American Forum condemns in the strongest possible terms the latest barbaric murders committed in Northern Syria by terrorist militants branded as “moderates” by the administration and allied countries. Such an act constitutes pure ethnic cleansing, especially when coupled with others already committed, along with threats of similar offenses against areas in the  south.

This massacre against Syrian civilians was committed purely on a sectarian basis, under the watch of the International Community which bears the full responsibility of facilitating such criminal acts contradictory to the UN  treaties.

Dr. Ghias Moussa, Director of Communications for SAF, reiterates “such continuous crimes will not cease unless the U.S. administration leads a full change of policy towards Syria, forcing a total halt of support, in all its forms, to all militants threatening the country and its people. Furthermore, such acts, which include other massacres committed by these militants against Syrian civilians of all sects, shall be brought before the International Criminal Court.” Dr. Moussa added “All forms of support to militants shall end and a Syrian dialogue shall begin. Nothing short of that will terminate this endless violence and preserve Syria, its unity and territorial  integrity.”

The latest massacre took place Wednesday night in the mostly Druse village of Qalb Lawzeh in Idlib Province, where AlQaeda’s AlNusra Front and allied militants have been advancing under a new title; “The Army of Conquest”.  The reason behind this massacre is alarming: News outlets in the region reported that militants went to the village to round up all 10-14 year old boys for a closed-camp military training. The families of the boys gathered in rejection when the militants opened fire indiscriminately, killing at least 40 people and wounding dozens  more.

This so-called “The Army of Conquest”, or Jaish AlFateh in Arabic, is nothing but a futile effort to rebrand terrorists as “moderates”, with the direct support of U.S. allies Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, among others. The New York Times reported today that this army “includes elements that receive American aid through a covert C.I.A. program”. It went on saying that the so-called “Southern Front” group of this army is preparing to invade AlSuwaida, which is the capital of a southern province with a majority of Druze  population.

SOURCE Syrian American  Forum

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