Military Veterans Earning A Living Online: A Review

Many military veterans have found it challenging to earn a living since they moved out of service. Nevertheless, those who have tried earning their fortune online have found this idea of making money an absolute dream come true. 


Online working hasn’t been a pipe dream for military veterans. Thousands of them have been earning a living online for nearly a decade on personal websites such as Good Financial Cents. Others make money online by offering special marketing strategies and online courses


The availability of many earning ways via websites and other digital ventures has made online work preferable to military service for most veterans. Additionally, they can focus more on entrepreneurship and spend quality time with their families. Working online has allowed them to assume direct control of their lives and time. 


If you are veteran planning to start your online work, you’ll be glad to learn that most of the online revenue generation strategies aren’t complicated. Just like any other business, online revenues take time to blossom. Any online entrepreneur has to express willingness to devote their time and efforts to drive their online income generation ideas off the ground. 


They’ll also need to stick with the idea even if the journey to growth proves difficult at first. In this review, I show you how Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, online courses, and online consultancy are some of the ways most military veterans have resolved to adopt. 


Google Ads

Thousands of military veterans are successful online entrepreneurs, and anyone looking to start can be successful as well. Google Adsense has provided veterans with a stepping stone to get them started. The best part? Anyone can own a website without investing hundreds of dollars. 


Websites feature Google ads, and these ads are everywhere. Anyone can add an ad on a basic website. It’s very lucrative once the site starts streaming in a considerable amount of traffic. Most military veterans love starting with Google Adsense due to its simplicity in setting up.


If you create a website or blog, signing up for a Google Adsense (freely) is simple. Upon signing up, Google provides you with a special code to paste onto your site. Google will then proceed from there, keeping track of your traffic, page views, and revenues on your behalf. You don’t need maintenance or upkeep to keep the earnings going. If you already have a website, earning a living this way becomes a no-brainer.


In a good month, military veterans can make about $4,000 with Google Adsense. Making such an amount as a starter is mind-blowing since it is the start of the online earning journey. Moving from zero to making a monthly income of $4,000 is not something to be taken lightly, especially for a novice. For experts, it makes them more excited since they know there are more strategies to monetize.


Online Consultancy

You are sure to be an expert if you have served in the military service. Most military veterans have resolved to make a living out of this expertise by creating online consultancy forums. Many people are looking for specialized consultancy services online. 


Veterans who feel that they can offer these services have grabbed the chance of helping these people meet their business and personal goals. However, a Military veteran may feel less qualified to provide consultancy services for big firms.


You can go about this by hiring the services of companies like the Douglas James Company. They are exceptionally good at helping entrepreneurs get high ticket clients. They will also help you retain clients from big firms. 


Still, some veterans surprise their clients by offering fantastic services that earn them thousands of dollars. Veterans who have visited The

College Investor can attest that after blogging for years, you can attract an audience from multiple brands who’ll come to you for help for online and social media marketing.


Most military veterans whose primary aim is to make money online do an average of 4-7 gigs per year depending on their schedule and the amount of work involved. The good thing is that they earn more by charging a flat rate, a standard rate amounting to an average of about $120 per hour. 


Remember that this is the money they can make by merely advising people on the best strategies to use on social media platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook to market their brands. Military veterans who wish to start offering online consultancy services but are unsure of how to begin also get a free account via


The website allows them to create a free profile that’ll help them market their services to big companies. After setting up a profile, it’s easy for people to find the experts and book a session that they’ll pay for.


Online Courses

People have skills, and military veterans aren’t an exception. Since they have ample time to exploit what they can do best, setting up online courses has proven that veterans can earn a fortune online. They avail online courses where clients can find everything they need to learn, from marketing to freelance writing. 


Financial experts have even created financial advisory courses for students who wish to take their business courses online! Most military veterans create their online courses through platforms such as Such platforms allow them to upload their course

materials and still use them to accept payments and manage customers.


Affiliate Marketing

Military veterans with blogs or those still dreaming of creating websites also consider investing in affiliate marketing. They use affiliate marketing to partner with businesses and brands within the content of their sites. 


If they mention a brand, they link it using a unique affiliate code they got when they signed up for that specific affiliate program. They then earn money when a customer buys the brand using the link. Writing reviews on affiliate products and posting them on websites is an excellent way of getting traction as well.


Affiliate marketers must partner with the affiliates dealing with the brands related to their website concepts. For instance, if one is a financial advisor, their blogs and websites need to partner with affiliates dealing with financial services such as investment accounts, credit cards, and savings accounts.


The Bottom Line

Military veterans enjoy earning online in various ways. The reviews above are just the tip of the iceberg, and if one has time and passion, they can explore further ways of making money online. Check online, and you’ll find numerous success stories you can use for motivation. Douglas James can help you create a success story as well, but you’ll never know until you try.

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