Mobile Trends To Watch for This Year


Keeping an eye on mobile trends is important for businesses in a number of  ways.

Maybe your business is looking for ways to finally develop the app idea you’ve been playing around with for a while. Or, maybe you want to change how you’re doing mobile marketing. Maybe you’re a small business who’s just starting to consider the idea of introducing mobile elements into your marketing  strategy.

Regardless of where you are, or what your objectives are, there is value that can be derived from being aware of what the trends are throughout all of the mobile  world.

The following are some of the things making headlines and driving mobile trends right  now.

General App  Searches

Some general categories seem to be most popular among users, at least based on what they’re searching for. Google reports that some of the most in-demand searches include for apps that offer ways to become more productive, and apps that offer  convenience.

Users also tend to look for apps that help them improve their mind and body, apps that help them learn or build new skills, and finance-management  apps.

App Security

Users are becoming more acutely aware of the risks of their mobile devices. As a result, they’re demanding apps with high levels of  security.

It’s looking like based on trends right now that the big focus for the rest of this year will be on assuring users that mobile apps are secure and that devices are protected on an individual  basis.

The majority of apps have advanced built-in security  features.

Android app developers and businesses that develop for Android are going to have to focus on security even more since this platform is most often the target of  hackers.

Internet of  Things

Internet of Things or IoT isn’t new, but its importance within the world of mobile isn’t showing any signs of slowing  down.

IoT has been a unique opportunity for a lot of businesses willing to embrace it. It provides the chance to deliver a more personalized and time-sensitive customer message to highly targeted audiences. IoT also uniquely brings together digital marketing with the real, physical  world.

Power of the  Voice

Alexa and Google Assistant are driving a huge surge in interest when it comes to voice technology. While for a while Siri was the queen of voice assistants, Alexa is arguably number one right now, and behind Alexa, most people would probably say Google and the Microsoft Cortana. This hands-free technology is important to businesses that are looking at mobile  trends.

Businesses can embrace people’s desire to use voice-activated devices by developing an app with similar hands-free  functionality.

For any business that wants to start working on an app that’s voice-activated or anything within the overall field of voice activation, it’s important to realize that this area changes quickly. Features and functions can become obsolete rapidly, making it important that when you’re developing these kind of applications, you’re ready for the work it will require to stay up to  date.

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