National Days of Protest Against Immigration Reform Amnesty and Illegal Immigration Surge

By Make them Listen, Special for USDR.

On July 18th and 19th the activist group known as “Make Them Listen” will host two days of nationwide protests across the country.  The purpose of the protest is to raise awareness of the impacts of illegal immigration and to show opposition to the administration’s handling of the recent border surge of illegal alien youth.  The events will take place in various cities around the country on the July 18th and 19th

Deemed the “National Days of Protest against Immigration Reform Amnesty & the Illegal Immigration Surge,” the more than 300 protests currently scheduled nationwide will target state capitals and the offices of policy makers in support of amnesty programs and increasing levels of legal immigration. Political activist Paul Arnold is the organizer of this movement, and has received help in launching these protests from numerous grassroots organizations across the country.

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied children and adults have surged across the U.S. border illegally, causing the Obama administration and Congress to finally confront issues of both legal and illegal immigration. Many Americans nationwide have become outraged that proposed solutions to this crisis have centered upon granting amnesty to tens of thousands of unaccompanied adults and minors, all while U.S. unemployment rates continue to soar. “Many Americans feel unrepresented in this debate and strongly oppose the granting of amnesties,” said Arnold. “With so many Americans struggling to find work, now is no time to swamp the labor markets by adding even more workers through foreign competition.  We are protesting to call attention to this injustice and demand that our President and government stand up for American workers and enforce U.S. immigration laws.”

This event will be open to the media. Information and protest schedules can be viewed online by clicking visiting the website:!find-a-protest-location/c1bhc

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