New Ad Takes on Obama’s Amnesty Program

By CAPS  TV, Special for  USDR

Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) launched ads today on local TV stations throughout Des Moines, Iowa and on national cable news networks leading up to April 15th, the official American deadline for filing taxes. The ads ask why the presidential hopefuls aren’t talking about the tax implications of President Obama’s executive amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. According to Congressional Budget Office projections, the Obama amnesty will allow illegal aliens to apply for about $1.7 billion in tax refunds, even if they never paid taxes or were using unverified social security  numbers.

“As a result of Obama’s executive amnesty, American workers’ jobs are being given away while they’re asked to pay billions in tax refunds to the people taking their jobs. Where’s the sense of outrage among the presidential hopefuls?” asked Jo Wideman, Executive Director of Californians for Population Stabilization. “If our leaders are reluctant to stand up and be heard loud and clear on an issue this obvious, one has to wonder if any of the presidential hopefuls have what it takes to lead the  country.”

The March jobs report was another reminder that the American economy and workers continue to struggle. The economy only added 126,000 jobs, far below the amount needed to keep up with the nation’s current population growth and the lowest job creation month since December 2013. Wage growth continues to be anemic at best. While retailers and fast food restaurants have recently made news with wage increases for hourly workers, significant working class wage growth has not occurred in  decades.

A recent study by Robert Rector, senior research fellow in the domestic studies department at the Heritage Foundation, estimates that President Obama’s amnesty will cost American taxpayers about $2 trillion dollars over the course of the lives of those given  amnesty.

“Would these presidential hopefuls rescind the Obama amnesty and oppose future amnesties? Our jobs and tax bills may depend on it. American taxpayers deserve to know,” commented Jo  Wideman.

The TV ad features close up shots of the presidential hopefuls with zippers being zipped across their lips symbolizing their reluctance to vociferously stand up for the American taxpayer on this issue. The announcer urges Americans to ask the presidential hopefuls if they would rescind the Obama amnesty and oppose future amnesties, concluding that future tax bills could depend on their answer. Viewers are sent to to view the TV ad and take action. Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Scott Walker, Joe Biden,Marco Rubio, Jim Webb and Ron Paul are featured in the ad based on Larry Sabato’s most recent Crystal Ball rankings of presidential  hopefuls.

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SOURCE Californians for Population Stabilization  (CAPS)

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