New Book Links Israel to Iranian Assasinations

By US Daily Review Staff.

Israel’s foreign intelligence agency, the Mossad, sends operatives into and out of Iran on a regular basis; and the mysterious men on motorcycles who have assassinated at least four Iranian nuclear scientists are Israelis.

Those are among the revelations in a new book about Israeli espionage, Spies Against Armageddon: Inside Israel’s Secret Wars by Dan Raviv and Yossi Melman (Levant Books: published July 9).

Raviv and Melman’s previous book about Israel’s intelligence community, Every Spy a Prince, was a national (New York Times) best seller for fourteen weeks in 1990.  They have more details on their blog,

According to their new book, Israeli spies have a multitude of routes for entering and exiting Iran, and the routes and safe houses inside Iran date back to before 1979, when a revolution brought the Islamic Republic’s ayatollahs to power.

The authors write that Israel – for decades using the Mossad as “an alternative foreign ministry” – maintains cooperative relationships with Kurds and other ethnic minorities inside Iran and just outside its borders.  But the book says the assassinations of scientists were not conducted by Iranian dissidents.

From the Website:

The authors write: ““For such a sensitive dangerous and daring mission as a series of assassinations in Iran’s capital, the Mossad would not depend on hired-gun mercenaries,” Raviv and Melman assert. “They would be considered far less trustworthy and there was hardly any chance that the Mossad would reveal to non-Israelis some of its assassination unit’s best methods.”

Al Monitor reports further: “One strength of the book is that the authors do not use euphemisms. The Mossad had a ‘kill list’ long before US President Barack Obama and has stolen military technology from the United States that Israel could not obtain by other means, they say.”

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