New Exhaustive Report Released on Orlando Shooter

By  Tactical Rabbit, Special for  USDR

Tactical Rabbit has published a detailed biographical investigation of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen, including his work history and relevant details about his immediate family. Everett Stern – US Senate candidate and intelligence director at Tactical Rabbit – concludes that Mateen almost certainly received material assistance in carrying out his rampage. Furthermore, evidence supports a link between Mateen’s inner circle and terrorist financing activities. The full intelligence report is available  here.

“Like the rest of the nation, the recent mass shooting in Orlando has left me shocked and angry,” says Stern. “But in the waket of his event, an even more sinister problem has been revealed: Apathy. Too many of us now take for granted that terrorism is just a fact of life. Instead of giving in to this sentiment, we must redouble our efforts to expose and fight evil in the  world.”

Part of Tactical Rabbit’s mission is to zero in on the money laundering and other financial movements that make terrorism possible. Money is at the root of global terror – tracking the flow of funds is a critical component in this clash of ideologies. The firm’s report on the Orlando shooter focuses on the business and real estate dealings of Mateen’s immediate  family.

Tactical Rabbit has thoroughly investigated Mateen’s ties, career, travel and other connections, from childhood up through two marriages. While he was born in the U.S., his parents immigrated from Afghanistan. Mateen’s father Seddique is the owner of several businesses and an advocate for Afghan refugees; Comprehensive information on these commercial and political activities is disclosed in the full  report.

As a child, Mateen attended the same school as Moner Mohammed Abu-Salha, the American suicide bomber who carried out an attack in Syria. Authorities concluded this connection was only coincidental. Mateen’s career was shaky at first, with complaints from more than one supervisor. In 2007, he began working as a security guard, a position he would hold until the shooting. Background checks conducted by employers turned up nothing  amiss.

In a 911 call just before the Pulse shooting began, Mateen professed his allegiance to the Islamic State and praised the Bostonbombers. Web videos discovered in the hours and days after the tragic event show Mateen expressing gratitude to the Afghan Taliban. Officials quickly labeled the attack, which has gone down as the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, as “domestic terrorism” – a curious choice, given all the evidence now available. Tactical Rabbit takes issue with that  judgment.

Perhaps most distressing of all is the realization that Mateen was under the FBI’s microscope from 2013 to 2014. He first attracted the bureau’s attention when he told co-workers that he had ties to Al Qaeda and Hezbollah. While Mateen was interviewed a total of three times, agents could find no compelling reason to keep him on their watch list. The question of whether anything could have been done differently will resonate for years to  come.

Tactical Rabbit believes the ongoing investigation could lead to several startling revelations, a few of which are already indicated in the firm’s report. In summary, dismissing the Pulse nightclub shooting as an act of “lone wolf” terrorism is too  hasty.

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