New Fashion App Aims to Revolutionize Social Media

By Tagly, Special for  USDR

While social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter continue to seize more control of what their users see, a new social app is aiming to do the opposite. Tagly, the first social platform dedicated to users controlling the way they follow social content from fashion and lifestyle brands, is now available for iOS and  Android.

When confronted with the fact that 70% of content goes unseen, Instagram recently announced its intention to use an algorithm that curates feeds on the user’s behalf, taking away their control. Tagly takes the opposite approach: it allows users to choose the categories of content that matter to them for each brand, whether it’s events, sales, trends, or news. The Tagly follow lets users curate their feeds for themselves, restoring control to their social  experience.

In addition to this change in delivery, Tagly marks a shift in the social media paradigm: brand content no longer interrupts user-created posts, but rather finds a home in a dedicated feed consumed by a rapt audience. Tagly creates a focused, personalized space where the fashion-minded masses can discover, engage with, and be inspired by brands. Users can easily keep up on sales, events, trends, and news without the hassle of an overcrowded Instagram feed or overstuffed  inbox.

“Organic reach has been dying for years, and the recent announcement from Instagram is only another step towards the grave,” said Mark Alhermizi, founder and CEO. “Up until now, people have had no choice but to stomach these changes. We believe each user should have the power to choose what matters to them. That’s why we created  Tagly.”

For brands, Tagly presents a solution to the frustrations of content marketing: “The reception has been overwhelming. As a result, we’ve been fortunate to begin discussions with brands like Estée Lauder, Helmut Lang, Chanel, and Theory,” said Alhermizi. “With their input we’re building a powerful platform for them to reach their followers on Tagly with 100% efficiency and  reach.”

The app is is founded by Detroit-based serial-entrepreneur Mark Alhermizi. Alhermizi previously founded Gas Station TV, a national media company recently acquired by Quicken Loans owner Dan Gilbert’s Rockbridge  Ventures.


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