New Film Questions Whether Economy is Improving or Is It Another “Bubble”?

By US Daily Review Staff.

“The Bubble,” a new film featuring experts that predicted the last economic crisis, argues America is facing an even worse financial bubble. Business leaders, politicians and financial commentators such as Jim Rogers, Peter Schiff, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, Jim Grant and 10 others examine Washington’s economic policies and its impact on America. The film is co-written by Dr. Tom Woods and inspired by his New York Times best seller “Meltdown.”

“Americans have been fed a cartoon version of what has happened to the economy over the past several years,” said Woods. “They believe the government was merely an innocent bystander, while the real culprits, egged on by so-called deregulation, are to be found in the private sector.”

“In ‘The Bubble,’ we’re going to turn our attention to those neglected voices who actually had an inkling of what was going on, not the Federal Reserve economists who could find no problems with the economy. The White House may not be interested in these neglected voices, but we believe anyone of good sense will be anxious to listen.”

The trailer of the film will be premiered this Friday, July 13th, 2012 at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas, NV. Following the trailer, a panel with Peter Schiff, Doug Casey, Gene Epstein and Tom Woods will discuss the film and the future of America’s economy.

The feature length film will have a world premiere this fall in New York City, followed by a nationwide release soon after. Interviews may be arranged with Writer Tom Woods and Director Jimmy Morrison by calling (517) 420-3186. More information about the film, including, the trailer, can be found at

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