Newt Gingrich’s Unique Strategy

By US Daily Review Staff.

Maybe it is because he is largely considered a “second tier” candidate, or that he is vying for the Vice President nod regardless of who is the GOP nominee for president, or it is because “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones,” but Newt Gingrich is taking a decidedly different approach in his race for the presidency.  Instead of attacking his GOP opponents, Gingrich continually positions himself as the nice guy in the race and is quick not to throw stones at anyone, except for Barack Obama.  In fact, he loves to tell debate audiences that “any of the GOP candidates on the stage would be better than the current occupant in the White House.” This may be true, but he tends to be the only one of the GOP candidates who is so generous with such observations.

On the one hand, this approach, appears to be very presidential. Maybe he has recognized that, in the end, there will only be one nominee and that one will have to be as strong as possible if the GOP is going to win back the White House.  Others think that the controversies that surround his personal life — ugly divorces and other issues — make him shy to be too rough with others.  There is another school of thought that Gingrich knows he cannot win the nomination (in spite of some polls that have placed him in the top three), and he is actually jockeying for the vice presidency.  As you the reader can see, there are many ways to spin this approach, but Gingrich seems convicted that this is the only way he should run.

It is too early to tell whether this approach is working. In fact, it is difficult to say if any of the GOP campaigns are gaining significant traction.  According to the early polls in the first state that will matter — Iowa — the race is wide open.  Virtually all the first and second tier candidates are within striking distance to win.  Although New Hampshire is a different story, with most polls showing former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney with a commanding lead (at least 25 points above his nearest opponent), virtually all the other primaries are up for grabs, and it is highly doubtful the Romney will do well in the very important “Super Tuesday” primaries.  None of the entire GOP lot have been able to obtain the sustainable attention of the Republican rank and file around the country.

Newt Gingrich is a historian by education, with a PhD from Tulane University in European history.  He has, in fact, been a prolific author, with many books taking on a historical perspective.  The debate on his approach to running, and even his objective in running, will continue long after the 2012 election.  Some say he is simply trying to sell more books through the campaign exposure, in light of his poor funding and terrible campaign management.  If that is true, he will certainly have more to write about after November 2012 — win or lose.

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