NHL Camps Open Amidst COVID Crisis

Many sports are slowly reopening their doors to teams amidst the COVID 19 crisis, even though crow attendance remains strictly forbidden. Talk Sport mentions that the English Premier League for soccer has already resumed. The NHL seems to be taking a cue from these other sports in announcing that NHL team camps will open from Monday. This gathering marks the first time since the pandemic that teams will be out together to train. However, reports have stated that individual player training continued throughout the suspension.

Extended Roster

The training camp expects to see a total of twenty-four (24) teams with completely expanded rosters. They’ll be re-entering the rink after a two-month hiatus, in a short sprint to complete the Stanley Cup season. The extended break might be a good thing for players that have been struggling with injury. For the fit players, training has been a bit more reserved due to the limited access they have to gyms and public rinks. North Jersey states that players have turned to other forms of fitness, such as Peloton, rollerblading, and even yoga, to remain fit and in playing shape.

Some Players Decline to Join

Already a handful of players have stated their decision to avoid joining the training camp. Some see it as too short a warning for them to get mentally and physically prepared to resume team training exercises. The fear that they might need a visit to Express MRI in the event of a broken bone is too much for them to risk. Coaches can’t force players to take to the ice, but they also need to be aware of where those players are in terms of their training. The most that coaches can do is ensure players who don’t train with their teams can’t go out on the ice. It may be enough to force players to reconsider their stance on team training eventually.

COVID 19 Testing Continues

Despite the resumption of training, there’s no question that COVID 19 is still a significant concern. The CDC mentions that the US alone has over three million active cases, with over a hundred thousand total deaths. As a result, the teams will continue to test their staff and players to ensure that if they contract the virus, they will be able to control its spread before it gets out of hand. Hockey fans may actually see a return of their favorite teams before too long.

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