Obamacare Enrollment Plummets


In a conference call with reporters on Tuesday afternoon, Health and Human Services officials said February was a “short month,” and that may explain why more people enrolled in Obamacare in January than signed up in February.
But don’t call the 943,000 February sign-ups a decline from January’s 1.146 million!

The 203,000 fewer people who enrolled in Obamcare in February than in January was a drop of 17.7 percent.
“I would note that February’s obviously a short month,” said Nancy Delew, the acting deputy assistant secretary for planning and evaluation at HHS. “There are 28 days in February. January’s a longer month. We also had the period of time covered in the January report included several days from December. December had a lot of enrollment activity. So we don’t think that we had a decline in the month of February.”

The reporter noted that earlier HHS projections called for 1.27 million people to sign up in February.

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