Obama's Purposeful Crisis

By Wayne Allyn Root Special for USDR

The illegal immigrant situation at our southern border is more than just a national crisis. It’s part of the greatest conspiracy in world history—a purposeful attempt to create catastrophe, overwhelm the system, and force the American people to make a dreadfully wrong decision under duress.

Obama wants our good-hearted Christian nation to see women, children, and families begging for help, begging to live the “American Dream.” He wants immigrants to be in the worst possible shape after a long journey from Central America—starving, injured, diseased—in such terrible shape our hearts break and we agree to take them all in.

He is purposely creating a crisis, hoping to force us to overreact by agreeing not only to help these new arrivals, but by giving amnesty for twelve million other illegals already here.

He wants us to approve government expansion and billions in new spending. Will he use that money to “solve” the crisis? No! He’ll use it to pry open the borders even wider, allow millions more into America, pay for lawyers for each of them (to prevent deportation), and hand them billions in welfare,food stamps, aid to dependent children, education, and free meals at school— all paid for by the middle class

It’s a 2-for-1. This is how you create a permanent, loyal Democrat voter bloc, at the same time you bankrupt the middle class.

As I explain in my book The Murder of the Middle Class, this is a purposeful plan right out of the old Ivy League radicals’ playbook. How do I know? I was Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. We learned this plan at Columbia. My classmates vowed to put it into effect someday to overwhelm the system, collapse capitalism, crash the U.S. economy, and force America to its knees. From that position of crisis, weakness, and panic, they’d “fundamentally change the country.” Recognize those words?

So how do we fight back? Obama and his socialist cabal are liars, frauds and hypocrites. Yes, they want to help the poor and downtrodden – but only with your money.

Yes, they want to house the world’s homeless— but only in your home.

Yes, they want to let in the world’s poverty—stricken immigrants- but only into your backyard.

None of this “dirty work” ever touches their mansions, yachts, private jets, private schools, or— God forbid— their precious children.

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