Open Letter to the World

By Odule Bitol, Special for  USDR

Minister and author Odule Bitol, potential presidential candidate in the Haitian elections, share his thoughts on relations between Haiti and the United  States:

“My fellow Haitians, it is time for all of us to get our act together and put all personal political interest aside and work together for the sake of our country. For the international community, this is my message to you as I believe the time has arrived for us to work together for the sake of one another because if we don’t we all will lose and history will never forgive us. I’m addressing myself to theAdministration of President Obama and the two nominees running for the United States presidency to take the matter of geopolitics of Haiti very seriously. History has shown that Haitiand the U.S. have worked together hand in hand in the  past.

“I believe it is time for Haiti and the White House to have a better relationship than what we have now because it could be better for both sides. I will never forget when former vice-president Al Gorewas running for president in 2000 and was debating former president George W. Bush and said Haiti was ‘right in the backyard’ of the United States. If Haiti is in the backyard of the U.S., then why is Haiti still looking like that? Haiti was the first black republic in the world, the first independent Caribbean state, and the first country in the Western Hemisphere to abolish slavery. Unfortunately, since then, Haiti has been very unstable and blood is still  shedding.

“I would like for the U.S., the United Nations and the rest of the world to understand the situation in Haiti is very complicated. When the United States was attacked on 9-11-2001, the first thing the White House did was to invite a pastor, someone they knew was above the understanding of the situation, to lead them to the right path. This was a wakeup call for the American people to get it right with the Creator. The same can be said for the condition ofHaiti. It’s now time for the international community to look for the right answer to pull this republic out of its current  situation.

“My recommendation for the White House and the rest of the world is to pay close attention to what I have to say about the circumstance of Haiti. If the U.S. and international community would like to help Haiti, here is where we need to  start:

  1. Help Haiti to rebuild, restore and recycle its own national security.
  2. Help Haiti rebuild and restore its own agriculture, to be able to feed its own people and export.
  3. Help Haiti rebuild and restore its own education and prepare its own people.

“If what I say is respected, then a better relationship between Haitiand the U.S., as well as Haiti and the world, will be  formed.”

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SOURCE Odule  Bitol

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