Outlook for 2016


Mesirow Financial Chief Economist Diane Swonk hails the end of zero interest rates, a level that policy makers at the Federal Reserve never thought they’d see in this country. “We expect the Fed to exit the zero bound on December 16, seven years to the day after the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) slashed interest rates to zero in 2008.” What will change? Swonk warns that the Fed has never tested its new levers to raise interest rates, at least not on a large scale. She adds that the “challenge for the Fed as it leaves zero will be to actively manage market expectations about future rate  increases.”

Read Diane Swonk’s forecast for 2016, including effects from the first interest rate increase in 10  years.

Diane Swonk’s forecast for 2016 includes opportunity, not just turmoil. She predicts the consumer will shine in the new year, bolstered by gradually firming wages and expanded access to credit. “The household sector is expected to pick up where the corporate sector left off; what was once a Wall Street-centric expansion will finally reach Main Street.” Read the December issue of Diane Swonk’s Themes on the Economy®. Archived issues can also be found at  mesirowfinancial.com.

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