Paralyzed Veteran Group vs. Affluent Michigan Township

Bizarre battle in Suburban Detroit


Keith King, President, Veterans Support Foundation, United States Armed Forces Association sent the following to the news media, including   USDR:

“As a Veteran, I find it absolutely outrageous that the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America have to sue an affluent community likeOakland Township in order to get them to approve a senior housing project which would provide some of the needed housing for the more than 2,000 Service Disabled Veterans in the area. As the President of a national foundation that provides funding and care for homeless veterans, and funds other foundations supporting Veteran causes, I see no justification for Oakland Township’s cowardly  stance.”

USDR will keep the reader posted on how this story  progresses.

Meanwhile Frank Campanaro, a decorated Service Disabled Veteran Army Ranger, President and Founder of, made the following  statement:

“I applaud and fully support the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) in their Fair Housing lawsuit against Oakland Township. These are our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, who served our country in the military with honor, and who have returned with service related  disabilities.

“There are more than 36,000 service disabled heroes in Southeast Michigan, with more than 7,600 in Oakland County  alone.

Oakland Township’s contempt against the Fair Housing Act is clearly evident when they denounce the freedom of elderly and disabled persons, which includes many MPVA members’, to choose where they want to  live.

“It’s despicable that this community would look for ways to stop, rather than help, these valiant men and women who have protected our country. These Veterans have paid the price for our freedom with their blood, flesh and  bones.

“The attempt to use a legal technicality to throw out the MPVA from a ‘standing’ issue is demoralizing and the slightest use of any unintended pun is not  humorous.

Oakland Township should help them create more housing solutions that will accommodate their needs, and not be standing in their  way.”

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