Poll Shows Presidential Candidates Not Addressing Infrastructure

By National League of Cities, Special for  USDR

A quick poll of America’s mayors and councilmembers conducted by theNational League of Cities (NLC) found that a majority believe that both the Clinton and Trump campaigns have failed to sufficiently address top city priorities. The poll also revealed that infrastructure investment is the most pressing issue facing cities, with 48 percent of respondents considering it their top priority. Infrastructure, public safety and the economy are the city priorities that NLC has advocated for as part of its Cities Lead 2016  campaign.

“It’s clear from our polling that America’s local leaders do not feel like their voices are being heard by the presidential candidates,” saidClarence E. Anthony, executive director and CEO of the National League of Cities. “Tomorrow night, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will have their final chance to tell America how they will  address the critical issues that cities care about. I look forward to hearing how each candidate intends to be a partner with cities by investing in infrastructure, improving public safety and strengthening the  economy.”

Key findings of the quick  poll:

  • 41 percent of respondents found Clinton to be sufficiently addressing the most important city priorities, while 33 percent found Trump to be doing so.
  • 61 percent of respondents believe Clinton to be a better potential partner for cities, while 39 percent believed the same for Trump.
  • Respondents listed their top policy concerns for this election as the following: infrastructure (48 percent), the economy (37 percent), public safety (6 percent) and other (9 percent).

The quick poll was conducted online using the Qualtrics platform and targeted city officials from Oct. 10-12, 2016. Out of the 454 people who responded, 143 self-identified as mayors, 296 as councilmembers, and 15 as other (results were filtered to only include mayors and  councilmembers).

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