Proper Link Building Is The Most Important Skill In Modern SEO

There is no denial to the fact that link building plays the most significant role in modern SEO. Though there is no secret to link building but it is required to build it properly in order to gain the expected results through your SEO efforts.

It requires a lot of skill and expertise for building a proper link but most importantly, it needs proper selection and adding of links that will facilitate and not hinder the SEO objectives. In fact, link building is a culmination of many different skills and you will need to master them all to ensure a perfect and accurate link building. A few of these required areas of skills are:

  • Content
  • Sales
  • Programming
  • Psychology and of course
  • The good old-fashioned marketing techniques.

It is only when you possess these skills and put it to the best use you will be able to get more and more people linking back to your site. As an eventual result, it will affect your SEO positively and thereby make your site rank higher in the search engine result pages.

The things to know and do

the bottom line for modern SEO success is that you will need to have a proper and accurate link building if you want more organic and search engine traffic to your site. You will need to know a lot of things to ensure that you have a proper link to your site.

  • First, you will need to know the fundamentals of link building so that you can design it just the way it is required by your site, the audience and most importantly the search engines.
  • Next, you will need to look out for the best and most useful links for your site and ensure that all of these are of high quality so that you can accomplish your SEO goals much too easily.
  • You will need to follow it up with a thorough research about the market, your target audience as well as the requirements of the search engines to come up with the best and probably a unique content marketing strategy to deliver your users with the exact info and product details they are looking for.
  • Next, you will need to extend your email outreach by using different social media channels and integrating your social accounts with your marketing strategy. This will help you to gain a lot of followers and traffic towards you site and thereby increase the chances of conversion and sales volumes which will in turn increase your business revenue, not to mention about the SEO results and ranking of your site.
  • You will also need to know about the different types of links that you can choose from and those that you should refrain from using. You can choose black hat or grey hat links for your site to gain traffic and SEO but one may not be as useful as the other for your site. If you are in a dilemma as to which type of links to choose for your site, you should get in touch with the experts such as Company or its likes for the necessary assistance.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, you will need to know the best link building strategies to follow so that you get the desired SEO results and search engine ranks. Remember, given the modern digital landscape, it is not enough to know and follow the standard link building strategies. In fact, to ensure a better result you will need to integrate the best SEO practices and principles with the most advanced link building strategies.

Know the fundamentals

If you get a chance to analyze the Google search results you will see that links impacted SEO and site rankings in the most significant way more than any other SEO contributing factors. In fact, Google has announced recently that they consider backlinks or link building as one of the most vital three ranking signals. This points out towards one specific thing: links are still the foundation of Google’s algorithm. Period!

Now you may ask, why is link building so important for SEO and site ranking? Well, to understand that you will need to start from the basics and even have to go back to the pre-Google days of the internet.

  • Back in that time, if you remember, there were search engines like Yahoo! and Alta Vista. These were the most dominant players in the web world then. They typically ranked the sites based on their content on a webpage and nothing else.
  • Enter Google, and the scenario changed completely. With their PageRank Algorithm that is now so famous, changed the game and instead of considering and analyzing the content of a page simply, Google started to look at other significant aspects to rank a site. Most importantly, it focused on the number of people linked to a particular page.

This is the linking factor. This was at first criticized a lot but over time people learnt that Google was correct in its approach to rank a site right form the very beginning. Nearly 20 years later now, link building is still the best parameter to determine the quality of a webpage, its usefulness and value, all of which plays a significant role in ascertaining a rank to a specific site or a webpage. This is why, Google considers the backlinks to be the most important and effective go-to ranking signal.

Having said that, Google uses a lot of different tools and features to determine the quality of a link and not just the quantity of the link. One such feature is the Google Penguin.

Wrapping it up

With Google being so strict about link building and focusing more on the quality of the links rather than the quantity which is easy to increase, you will need to pay more attention to the quality of the links that you put into your site.

Remember, creating high quality links is not an easy task. Therefore, research well before you start link building. This will surely help in your SEO efforts.

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