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By National Association of Realtors, Special for  USDR

Winter has a tendency to reveal problems about a home that owners did not even know existed or turn small problems into big ones. However, there are plenty of ways for homeowners to outsmart the cold weather and fix winter problems before they can ruin the holidays. This month’s Cures for the Worst of Winter spotlight from, the comprehensive website for homeowners from the National Association of Realtors®, features six articles full of advice for homeowners on how to prepares homes for the holidays and keep the winter cold outside where it  belongs.

Here are a few tips from HouseLogic on how owners can get their homes and families through the  winter.

7 Tips for a Perfect Holiday Home for Not-So-Perfect People. December sneaks up on a lot of people and, with holiday parties to attend and gifts to buy, making sure that one’s home is entertainment ready can get pushed to the back burner. Follow HouseLogic’s tips on how to quickly get a home in suitable, party condition, including simmering vanilla, lemon and thyme on the stove to give a house the ‘I-just-baked-a-dessert’  scent.

How to Protect Your Home From Severe Cold.  Check out HouseLogic’s advice on the best way to prepare for extreme winter weather, including stocking up on pet and environmentally safe deicers as they tend to become scarce when the first storm  hits.

DIY Mudroom Ideas: Organizing Tips for Winter Gear. With winter weather comes winter gear; wet snow boots, coats and gloves can make a mess of mudrooms and entryways. Take a peek at HouseLogic’s DIY ideas on keeping a mudroom in order, including reusing 28-ounce food cans to stash hats and  gloves.

How Much Snow is Too Much Snow on Your Roof? When a major snowstorm hits, it can be difficult to tell how much snow is too much snow. HouseLogic helps homeowners figure out how to determine if the weight from snow is putting their roof in danger, with tips such as checking interior doors to see if they stick, which can be a sign that there is too much on the center of the house, which is distorting the  doorframe.

3 Brilliant Hacks to Make Snow Shoveling Less Miserable. For most of the country, winter means snow, and all that snow has to be shoveled by someone. HouseLogic has simple hacks for homeowners to make the seemingly endless task of shoveling snow a little easier, including spraying your shovel with cooking oil – a nontoxic way to help the snow slide  off.

5 Tricks to Keep Your Pipes from Exploding this Winter. Frozen pipes can put a real damper on holiday cheer, but there are ways to prevent even the coldest pipes from bursting. Try out HouseLogic’s tricks to save frozen pipes this winter, including using your hair dryer to blow hot air directly on the  pipes.

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