Pushing our Healthcare into Mexico

By VERTESS, Special for  USDR

With the US healthcare market poised for turmoil as Congress wrestles with Obamacare and out-of-control costs, US firms are now looking to invest in Mexico, according to Luis Garduno, Managing Director at the healthcare M + A advisory firm,  VERTESS.

“US citizens are already flocking to Mexico for cosmetic surgery, dental care, elective surgery, fertility treatments, cardiovascular surgery, and therapeutic recovery,” says Garduno. “Mexico also enjoys lower interest rates and taxes, making the Mexican healthcare market and attractive alternatives to investing in the  US.”

While working in the finance industry in Mexico City for the past 25 years, providing financial support and advice to industry leaders such as Johnson & Johnson, Garduno has witnessed first-hand the maturing of the Mexican healthcare  market.

“My experience with companies in the pharmaceutical, medical equipment manufacturing, home care/hospice, and health service provider markets tells me that there’s never been a better time for US firms to invest,” says  Garduno.

However, he also warns that companies thinking of investing will need expertise on corporate governance, tax strategies, M + A initiatives, and due diligence processes that are specific to the Mexican market. “The opportunities are there, providing you know what you’re doing,” he  says.

In addition to his extensive industry experience, Luis recently completed credentialing to become a Certified Merger and Acquisition Advisor (CMAA) through the international Alliance of Merger and Acquisitions Advisors  (AMAA).

“I am looking forward to helping companies navigate the very dynamic healthcare market in Mexico,” says Garduno. “This is a growing market with tremendous opportunities for American buyers and  investors.”

For further information please contact Luis Garduno at  lgarduno@vertess.com.


VERTESS is a healthcare-focused M + A advisory firm with expertise in diverse healthcare and human service verticals, ranging from behavioral health and intellectual/developmental disabilities to DME, home care/hospice, urgent care, and other specialized services and products. The VERTESS professional M + A team each have significant executive experience launching, building, and successfully exiting their own healthcare companies, giving them a unique understanding of the objectives of healthcare owners and  executives.

VERTESS is headquartered in Tucson, Arizona, with additional offices in Phoenix, Dallas/Ft. Worth, New York and Mexico City. For more information visit  www.vertess.com.


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