Puzzle of Fate Solved

By A. Reza Kamarei, Ph.D., Special for  USDR

Is your fate predetermined or can you change it? Fate is a puzzle that has been pondered for centuries by philosophers, poets, spiritual leaders, cultural researchers, sociologists, psychologists, and people from all walks of life. “I would like to congratulate you for publishing a book, which deals with one of the most important puzzles of mankind from the ancient world to the present time,” said Prof. Ahmad Ashraf, Managing Editor of Encyclopedia  Iranica.

In his lifelong quest to solve the puzzle of fate, MIT-educated scientist and inventor, A. Reza Kamarei, Ph.D. has explored the literature on fate and destiny. And upon discovering a broad range of thinking on the topic, he began to wonder if the puzzle of fate could ever be approached objectively. Is obtaining a scientific understanding of fate that can be applied—past, present, and future—equally to all people of the world  possible?

Puzzle of Fate systematically fits together the myriad factors that build and shape the fate of any given person. Drawing on a wide range of disciplines, Dr. Kamarei presents a pioneering approach by introducing the concept of “House of Fate,” a configuration of six interconnected groups of factors that, taken together, encompass the whole of human experience. Each person has his/her unique House of Fate. The science-based conclusion of the book is that fate is the logical outcome of interactions between these six groups of factors. Grouped into the factors that individuals have no control over, those that allow limited control, and the one with reasonable control, these aspects of life are explored in great  detail.

Kamarei writes in a clear, upbeat prose that lends every sentence a sense of cheerful vitality.” – Kirkus  Reviews

Readers are then invited to make the most challenging and potentially valuable examination of their lives. Through awareness of the six groups of factors as well as the concepts of happiness and quality of life, readers are ultimately encouraged to manage their fates by mapping the way to their Unique Summit—a destination where the person will be satisfied, happy, free and  vital.

This is a groundbreaking, easy-to-read self-discovery and self-development book which helps readers to examine their fate up to now and empowers them to “manage” their fate from now on. “I believe that I have solved the puzzle of fate in a scientific fashion through this book. The result of my work is in your hands. You be the judge,” said Dr.  Kamarei.

If you are curious about your fate or destiny, you would enjoy reading this book. It may be obtained from AMAZON ($17.50paperback, $4.50 e-book). Audiobook will soon be  available.

SOURCE A. Reza Kamarei, Ph.D.

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